Aradhya Spent 12 Months Struggling With Allergies, But Fixed It Overnight With 1 Life-Changing Device!

Read the miraculous story of Aradhya who ultimately found relief from allergy due to an astoundingly simple solution that changed her life almost overnight. Find out how a mini dehumidifier quickly eliminated this allergy sufferer's runny nose, constant sneezes, watery eyes, and dependency on medicines. Learn the life hack that could spell relief for your symptoms too!

A Real Life Experience On How Dehumidifier Gave Allergy Relief? - Blog Poster

At Kridovia, India's leading dehumidifier supplier, we take pride in providing customers with the best dehumidifiers in India. That's why we exclusively recommend top-rated White Westinghouse models known for their superior moisture removal and allergen control.

But no matter how highly we praise the White Westinghouse dehumidifier performance, nothing beats true-life stories of relief.

We recently heard from the Sens, a family dealing with their daughter's severe allergy difficulties after moving to humid Kolkata. So, let's dive into the real story of allergy battle!

Aradhya, a brilliant student, shifted to Kolkata in 2022. Her father’s job transfer brought her to the City of Joy. The vibrant city with its iconic Howrah Bridge and serene Ganga ghats captivated her within a few months. She got admission to Calcutta University to pursue her passion for science.

Dehumidifiers for allergy relief

However, her newfound love for the City of Joy was overshadowed by health issues. Aradhya, who had completed her education in Delhi, never experienced the excessive moisture in the air before.

Within a few months of relocating, she began experiencing severe allergies, including a stuffy nose and asthma symptoms. Her parents became increasingly concerned as the symptoms started to affect her studies. Things took an ugly turn when she started experiencing severe allergy symptoms due to the humid climate of Kolkata.

Doctors' visits became a regular part of Aradhya's routine, but the treatments provided only temporary relief. Her little break from medicines left her frustrated as symptoms reappeared quickly. Her health seemed to be facing a difficult challenge from Kolkata's humid atmosphere.

Dehumidifiers for allergy relief

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One day Mr.Basu who was their neighbour visited their house to have a casual chat with Aradhya’s father. It was the time he saw Aradhya breathing heavily and her face was turning red due to high allergy.

He then asked Mr. Ashish Sen, father of Aradhya whether they had consulted a doctor. Listening all the story of how all the medicines failed, Mr. Basu was pondering about the situation.

Real life story on how Dehumidifiers provided allergy relief

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It was during this visit that he noted Aradhya's difficult breathing and flushed cheeks, indicators of a serious allergy attack.

Concerned, Mr. Basu questioned her medical history, and upon learning of the unsuccessful treatments, he began to consider the problem.

As Mr. Basu looked around the house, he couldn't ignore a feeling of dampness in the air. His keen eye identified mold growth on the walls, and a realization struck him – it was the high humidity causing respiratory issues in Aradhya's lungs.

Real life story on how Dehumidifiers provided allergy relief

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He took no time to share the matter with Mr. Ashish Sen. Mr. Bose also advised them to buy a portable home dehumidifier as soon as possible. It is the only way she can make her daughter well soon.

Mr. Bose told them about his personal story on how his wife was facing skin allergies due to the high humidity in their house. It was then he came to know about Kridovia, a leading dehumidifier supplier.

He purchased the white Westinghouse dehumidifier from their online store and installed it at home. Within one day the humidity level was controlled and from then her wife has never experienced itchy skin or any other allergy symptoms.

He further added this device was rated as the best dehumidifier in india online. After listening to all this Mr. Sen talked to his wife and they decided to buy a dehumidifier from Kridovia. The decision was not just about comfort but about the well-being of their beloved daughter.

The chosen dehumidifier was quickly delivered and installed in their home. Within a day, the device effectively reduced the humidity levels, bringing Aradhya immediate comfort. The continuous sneezing and breathing problems vanished away which allowed her to concentrate on her studies without the threat of allergies.

The dehumidifier's transformational impact was visible in their lives. Aradhya continued her college, reenergized and grateful for a neighbor's quick observation and a simple appliance that reversed the tide in her allergy battle.

The City of Joy, once a nightmare, became a place of true joy for Aradhya, thanks to the dehumidifier that brought comfort and relief to her life.

So, if you are also facing respiratory issues due to high humidity, it’s time to bring your home white Westinghouse dehumidifier.

Real life story on how Dehumidifiers provided allergy relief

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Luckily, there's an easy solution: install a dehumidifier! White Westinghouse is the best brand since their dehumidifiers consistently remove dampness and allergens from indoor air.

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