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Tired of dampness and mold? Explore our collection of the best dehumidifier in India from reputable brands, all at unbeatable prices. Whether for your home or business, discover your ideal solution today. 

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Explore The Range Of Best Dehumidifier in India

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Explore dehumidifier price in India and bid farewell to excess moisture. Bring your home an energy-efficient dehumidifier for a healthier and more comfortable environment.


What Is A Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier in India is a household equipment that removes excess moisture from the air, resulting in a more comfortable and healthy indoor environment. In India's fluctuating climate, particularly during the monsoon season, high humidity levels can lead to discomfort and various health issues.

A portable dehumidifier in India is the most popular choice that effectively extracts moisture from the air, helping to maintain optimal humidity levels. Investing in an energy-efficient and advanced dehumidifier like the White Westinghouse dehumidifier can help you breathe easily and also save valuable items.

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Reasons You Need A Dehumidifier In India For Home And Office

Humid Air

Using the best dehumidifier in India for your home or workplace, you can create a healthier living environment. Explore the benefits -

Extract Water Vapour

Extract Water Vapour

It extracts dampness from the air, thus reducing the humidity levels and improving air quality.

Reduces Mold Growth

Reduces Mold Growth

It can reduce mold growth, prevent musty odors, and protect furniture and other items from damage.

Improves Air Quality

Improves Air Quality

Dehumidifiers can also be used in commercial settings to regulate temperature and improve air quality for employees.

Reduce Allergens In The Air

Reduce Allergens In The Air

It is beneficial for people suffering from allergies or asthma, as they help to reduce dust mites and other allergens in the air.

Safeguard Things In House

Safeguard Things In House

It can safeguard your clothes, shoes, and leather articles that get damaged from an excessively humid atmosphere.

Safeguard Electronic Appliance

Safeguard Electronic Appliance

Using the best dehumidifier in India can safeguard your sensitive electronic appliances from moisture damage.

Efficient Dehumidifier In India

How Does A Dehumidifier In India Save You From High Humidity?

How do you feel while walking into your home after a long day only to be assaulted with a wave of high humidity? This is a common experience for many Indians and the culprit? High moisture levels in the air.

A dehumidifier is a device that helps reduce the humid air inside the home, office, or any industrial area. It acts like a sponge that absorbs undesirable water vapor from the air. This not only helps the air feel more pleasant, but there are also a number of health benefits of dehumidifier.

Being a leading dehumidifier supplier we offer only long-lasting and powerful room or industrial dehumidifier in India

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Key Features Of White Westinghouse Dehumidifier

  • Suitable for homes, offices, and industrial spaces.
  • Move it easily from one room to another room with convenient wheels.
  • Enjoy peaceful operation without any disruptive noise.
  • It captures dust and allergens, resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment.
  • It delivers efficient dehumidification with low energy consumption.
  • It automatically maintains the chosen level of comfort.
  • Prevents coils from freezing in cold weather.
  • Dehumidifier send warning signals you when the tank needs to be emptied.
  • It restarts the unit following a power outage.
  • Built with recycled materials to reduce environmental effects.
  • Allows for easy monitoring of settings and water levels.
Dehumidifier Price in India

Your Ultimate Destination For The Best Dehumidifier in India

Kridovia have been providing reliable products and best online shopping experience to our customers for more than 7 years. We offer the most budget-friendly dehumidifier price in India.

Our mission is to provide one of the best dehumidifiers with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with cost-effective and energy efficient dehumidifiers online.

We believe that this is important for your health and the environment, so we only provide best devices that belongs to prestigious brands. Our dedicated staff is always ready to help you choose the right humidifier and best offers suitable for your home or business. If you have any questions about our products and services, don't hesitate to reach out!

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Why Choose Kridovia For Buying The Best Dehumidifier In India?

Why us

Do you want to live in a comfortable home space? Well, that’s possible now! Here are some reasons to choose us to get a dehumidifier in India.

  • Serving International Brands

    Serving International Brands

    We offer international brands at a reasonable price so that you can enjoy using the latest technology in your life with ease.

  • Friendly Customer Support

    Friendly Customer Support

    Just contact us to buy the perfect device and we are ready to help you solve your problem and queries in the best way possible.

  • 1-Year Product Warranty

    1-Year Product Warranty

    We aim to give our customers the best experience on every purchase. That is why we provide 12 months guarantee on all appliances.

  • Free Shipping Facility

    Free Shipping Facility

    We are one of the best for a reason because we provide same-day delivery at no cost within the city to serve you better.

  • Values Time & Money

    Values Time & Money

    We value your money and time and that is why we provide the best dehumidifier price in India for homes. industries and offices.

  • Provide Quality Products

    Provide Quality Products

    All our products are made of high-quality material and designed in a unique way to meet the needs of our customers.

 Dehumidifier Price In India

Discover The Best Dehumidifier Price In India At Kridovia

If you live in India and are looking for the best dehumidifier at affordable price, Kridovia is here to help. It's not only about the product at Kridovia; it's also about the experience. Navigating through our user-friendly website, you'll find full descriptions and specifications for each dehumidifier, making it simple to compare and make the perfect pick. Whether you have a small room or a large area, Kridovia has dehumidifiers in a variety of sizes to fit your space and budget.

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Happy Clients

Our mission is to make sure every home can get the best dehumidifier in India to live in a humid free zone. Have a look at some kind words spoken by our happy clients.

  • We were looking for dehumidifier specifically of White Westinghouse Company. And we came accross Kridovia while surfing. The experience was really good. Efforts of making a fresh video of the products and sharing it to delivery. All of it was a smooth ride. I can say I felt reliable, satisfied and I was really happy with the purchase experience.

    Nirmit Valia
    Nirmit Valia
  • Excellent service and customer care. Job done by professionals in a very systematic way. Looking forward for more services with the same.

    Nitish Jain
    Nitish Jain
  • After approaching Kridovia i got the best high end products. Superb service

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    Deepak Chandirani
  • Finally White Westinghouse is in Town.Kridovia by far the best supplier for White Westinghouse Home Appliances.They have a bunch of Good Professionals

    Vijay Mishra
    Vijay Mishra

FAQs Related to the Best Dehumidifier in India

What Is The Function Of A Dehumidifier?

The primary function of a dehumidifier is removing excess moisture from the air. It maintains a level of humidity perfect for healthy living.

Are Dehumidifiers Very Expensive?

Dehumidifiers in India can cost as little as Rs.4000 and can go as high as 1 Lac or much more depending upon their size and features.

Which Brand Offers The Best Dehumidifier?

Best dehumidifier brands include White Westinghouse, Frigidaire, Iguassu, Aavta London, Speed Queen, and Candy.

Do Dehumidifiers Stop Condensation?

A Dehumidifier reduces humidity in the air and prevents the build-up of condensation. 

Do Dehumidifiers Use A Lot Of Electricity?

A whole home dehumidifier can use up to 250 watts per hour while portable dehumidifiers can use 30 to 50 watts at the same time. But it helps you reduce your electricity bills by cooling down the air in your home. Therefore, you don’t need to rely much upon your air conditioners.

Is Dehumidifier Better Than Air Purifier?

A dehumidifier for a home is a better option in comparison to an air purification method, as it makes your house less hospitable to allergens.

Is It Worth Buying A Dehumidifier?

If you have a lot of damp issues in your home, then it is definitely worth buying. Moreover, it reduces the presence of allergens and saves you money spent on electric bills.

Can A Dehumidifier Be Harmful?

A dry atmosphere created by the dehumidifier can cause trouble to people suffering from skin diseases like eczema. However, the best dehumidifier for your home can let you set the humidity levels as per your preference.

Does Air Purifier Work As Dehumidifier?

No. The air purifier only cleans the air while the dehumidifier reduces moisture from the air which gives birth to molds and other allergens.

Is It Good To Sleep In A Room With A Dehumidifier?

Yes. It is safe to sleep in a room with a dehumidifier. It will reduce the moisture in the air and provide you with a comfortable sleep.

Is It Ok To Leave Dehumidifier On Overnight?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to leave your dehumidifier on overnight as long as it doesn’t display an error message on its control panel.

When Should You Not Use A Dehumidifier?

You should never use a dehumidifier where the temperature is below 60° F. Because the moisture removed from the air freezes on the coil and it can damage the unit.

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