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What Is A Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is an electrical device that helps to reduce the humidity levels in your home. A home dehumidifier works by extracting moisture from the air and releasing it outside. A portable dehumidifier has small wheels and can be moved all around in house very conveniently. A dehumidifier also helps to prevent mold and mildew growth, which can cause health problems and damage to your home. We also provide White Westinghouse Dehumidifier for homes and businesses. This dehumidifier reduces the level of humidity in the air and is easily relocated from one place to another. This device is loaded with power controls like an air purifying filter, auto frost control, automatic humidistat control, and automatic reset. It also ensures power consumption and makes noise while in operation.

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What Does A Dehumidifier Do?

The best way to dehumidify a room is by using a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is a device that helps reduce the humidity levels in your home or office. It works by extracting water vapour from the air, thus reducing the humidity levels and improving air quality. Best dehumidifier brands are widely used in homes to reduce mold growth, prevent musty odors, and protect furniture and other items from damage due to high humidity. They can also be used in organizations to regulate temperature and improve air quality for their employees. Dehumidifiers are an essential tool for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

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Reasons You Need A Dehumidifier For Your Home & Business

The Best Option For Humid Spaces!

With a dehumidifier for your house, you can create a healthier living environment for you and your family. It benefits us in a lot of ways which are as follows-

  • Extract Water Vapour

    It works by extracting water vapor from the air, thus reducing the humidity levels and improving air quality.

  • Reduce Mold Growth

    It can reduce mold growth, prevent musty odors, and protect furniture and other items from damage due to high humidity.

  • Improves Air Quality

    Dehumidifiers can also be used in commercial settings to regulate temperature and improve air quality for employees.

  • Reduce Allergens In The Air

    They are also great for people who suffer from allergies or asthma, as they help to reduce dust mites and other allergens in the air.

  • Safeguard Things In House

    Using a dehumidifier is the best way to dehumidify a house and safeguard your clothes, shoes, and leather articles that get damaged from an excessively humid atmosphere.

  • Safeguard Electronic Appliance

    Excessive moisture is also a major reason behind electronic system failure. Therefore, using the best dehumidifier can safeguard your sensitive electronic appliances from moisture damage.

White Westinghouse dehumidifier

How Does A White Westinghouse Dehumidifier Work?

Let's have a look at the White Westinghouse Dehumidifier working principle that you must know before buying a dehumidifier for room. A dehumidifier draws humid air into its coil using a fan. The air contracts when it passes through the refrigerated coils of the machine. The water condenses on the refrigerated coils and then falls into the storage tank attached to the White Westinghouse dehumidifier. After this dehumidifier condensation process, the cooler and drier air is released back into your house. This process is carried on to reduce the moisture in the air inside your home. Some White Westinghouse dehumidifier for house comes with a meter that lets you set the percentage of humidity as you desire.

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Key Features Of The Best Dehumidifier

  • A good dehumidifier for the bedroom has a digital display that can help you view and set the humidity levels.
  • It has a programmable timer that lets you turn it off or on whenever you need it.
  • Dehumidifiers have an auto restart option that can be very useful during power fluctuations or power loss.
  • It consumes less power and thus saves your money spent on utility bills.
  • Best dehumidifier for apartment also has a child lock facility that prevents mishandling of the dehumidifier operating mode.
  • Dehumidifiers come with wheels that make them a portable devices, easy to relocate in any direction you want.

How To Choose The Best Dehumidifier For Your Home?

  • You must begin with identifying the space that requires dehumidification. It will help you decide whether you want to buy one portable dehumidifier or want to have a separate dehumidifier for each room.
  • Check the level of dampness in your house to decide the capacity of a dehumidifier. If you have a high level of moisture then you should buy a higher-capacity model to dehumidify the space faster.
  • If you have a specific need for dehumidification for your home then must speak to a humidity expert to buy the right model as per your needs.
  •  Also, consider the size of the room that needs to be dehumidified

Why Choose Kridovia For Buying The Best Dehumidifier In India?

Enhancing your living experience with the best range of dehumidifiers!

We are the best Dehumidifier supplier in India and have been providing reliable products to our customers for more than 7 years. We offer the most budget-friendly dehumidifier price in India. Our mission is to provide top-notch service at an affordable price, with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with the best dehumidifiers on the market. We believe that this is important for your health and the environment, so we only carry products from leading companies. Our dedicated staff is always ready to help you choose the right humidifier suitable for your home or business. If you have any questions about our products and services, don't hesitate to reach out!

  • Serving International Brands

    At Krodovia, we can offer you international brands at a reasonable price so that you can enjoy using the latest technology in your life with ease.

  • Friendly Customer Support

    Just contact us and we spend all our time helping you solve your problem and queries in the best way possible to make your shopping experience memorable.

  • 1-Year Product Warranty

    Our mission is to give our customers the best experience on every purchase. That is why we provide 12 months guarantee on all our appliances.

  • Free Shipping Facility

    We are one of the best for a reason because we provide same-day delivery at no cost within the city to serve you better.

  • Values Time & Money

    We value your money and time and that is why we provide the best electronic appliances of global brands in Kolkata at affordable rates.

  • Provide Quality Products

    All our products are made of high-quality material and designed in a unique way to meet the needs of our customers.

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FAQs Related to the Best Dehumidifier in India

What Is The Function Of A Dehumidifier?

The primary function of a dehumidifier is removing excess moisture from the air. It maintains a level of humidity perfect for healthy living.

Are Dehumidifiers Very Expensive?

Dehumidifiers in India can cost as little as Rs.4000 and can go as high as 1 Lac or much more depending upon their size and features.

Which Brand Offers The Best Dehumidifier?

Best dehumidifier brands include White Westinghouse, Frigidaire, Iguassu, Aavta London, Speed Queen, and Candy.

Do Dehumidifiers Stop Condensation?

A Dehumidifier reduces humidity in the air and prevents the build-up of condensation. 

Do Dehumidifiers Use A Lot Of Electricity?

A whole home dehumidifier can use up to 250 watts per hour while portable dehumidifiers can use 30 to 50 watts at the same time. But it helps you reduce your electricity bills by cooling down the atmosphere. Therefore, you don’t need to rely much upon your air conditioners.

Is Dehumidifier Better Than Air Purifier?

A dehumidifier for a home is a better option in comparison to an air purifier, as it makes your house less hospitable to allergens.

Is It Worth Buying A Dehumidifier?

If you have a lot of damp issues in your home, then it is definitely worth buying. Moreover, it reduces the presence of allergens and saves you money spent on electric bills.

Can A Dehumidifier Be Harmful?

A dry atmosphere created by the dehumidifier can cause trouble to people suffering from skin diseases like eczema. However, most dehumidifiers can let you set the humidity levels as per your preference.

Does Air Purifier Work As Dehumidifier?

No. The air purifier only cleans the air while the dehumidifier reduces moisture from the air which gives birth to molds and other allergens.

Is It Good To Sleep In A Room With A Dehumidifier?

Yes. It is safe to sleep in a room with a dehumidifier. It will reduce the moisture in the air and provide you with a comfortable sleep.

Is It Ok To Leave Dehumidifier On Overnight?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to leave your dehumidifier on overnight as long as it doesn’t display an error message on its control panel.

When Should You Not Use A Dehumidifier?

You should never use a dehumidifier where the temperature is below 60° F. Because the moisture removed from the air freezes on the coil and it can damage the unit.

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