Iguassu: A South Korean Brand

Iguassu Products

Iguassu an internationally acclaimed brand from ChungHo Nais Co Ltd South Korea which specializes in Air Purification systems. The brand keeps on making new innovations in its existing technology to provide the best solutions to mankind.



Iguassu, a globally recognized brand under ChungHo Nais Co Ltd in South Korea, is dedicated to manufacturing air purification systems. Renowned for its international acclaim, Iguassu continuously pioneers innovative advancements in its existing technology, aiming to offer optimal solutions for humanity's air purification needs. Kridovia has associated itself with the brand to provide the best Air Purification solution. Kridovia, who is the Distributor/Supplier of Iguassu Air Purifier in India, has been selling this product for more than a decade. They have a strong team of professionals who are experts in Iguassu Air Purifiers and work together to establish a Reliable Customer Service for the purpose of setting up a Peace-of-Mind environment for their customers.

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