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Explore The Finest Range Of Speed Queen Washing Machine In India

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Transform your laundry routine by learning the speed queen washing machine price. Buy the best for your home out of the finest range for amazing results and easy washing.

Speed queen washing machine

Speed Queen Washing Machines – Your Laundry's Superhero!

Say hello to your laundry's new best friend! Speed Queen washing machines are here to save you time with their superpowers. These machines are built to withstand even the most difficult washing tasks.

They also help you save environmental resources with efficient water and energy usage capabilities. Moreover, these washing machines are extremely durable and built to last for more than 25 years.

These washers are gentle on every fabric and protect your clothes from damage. Their powerful cleaning performance ensures fresh and spotless laundry every time. So, bring your home speed queen washing machine today and make your laundry day a breeze!

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Smart & Advanced Technology Of Speed Queen Washing Machine

Make your laundry experience easier with Speed Queen's advanced technology, designed especially for you keeping in mind simplicity, versatility, and reliability. Discover how its digital and manual controls make your daily laundry a simple task.

Coin Slide-Operated Models

User-Friendly Control: Now you can control your speed queen washing machine with just one knob. The two-speed motor allows you to choose between a normal or gentle wash and a fast or slow extract.

Versatile Wash Cycles: Choose from six wash cycles, including choices for permanent press cycles and delicate fabrics. This ensures that your clothing receives the care it requires.

Easy Temperature Selection: Its inbuilt wash temperatures simplify the laundry procedure, and prevent any accidents that could damage your clothes.


Push-To-Start Controls

Simplified Operation: The Speed Queen models provide simple analog settings for wash and dry cycles. The push-to-start button, with its helpful "In Use" LED light, makes your laundry a breeze.

Quick Cycle Selection: You can even choose from three energy-saving cycles and two-speed wash and spin cycle options to simplify and speed up your laundry routine.


Electronic Homestyle Controls

Convenient Preset Cycles: Enjoy the convenience of choosing from six pre-programmed cycles, including the energy-saving Eco cycle. This makes sure your laundry gets the right treatment every time.

Diverse Drying Options: You can also select the ideal drying cycle from six options, which will accommodate different kinds and sizes of clothes.

User-Friendly Display: These washing machines let you keep track of your laundry's progress with the easy-to-read digital display which ensures you have greater control and efficiency.


Mechanical Controls

Classic and Reliable: These mechanical controls feature classic manual dials with six standard cycle presets. This familiarity helps you to use the machine easily and also increases its reliability.

Fabric and Heat Options: You can choose between three fabric kinds and three drying cycle options which gives you more flexibility in how you care for your clothing.

Ideal for Multi-Housing: Specifically designed for multi-housing laundry rooms, a speed queen washing machine brings simplicity and efficiency to shared laundry spaces.

Best Features Of Speed Queen Washing Machines

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Discover the best qualities of the new speed queen washing machine. Experience unmatched laundry performance with improved durability, and say hello to efficiency and reliability in every wash!

  • Long Life Span

    Long Life Span

    Speed Queen washing machines are renowned for their exceptional build quality and commercial-grade components, ensuring a long life span that outlasts many other brands.

  • Powerful Cleaning

    Powerful Cleaning

    The best speed queen washing machine is equipped with powerful wash systems and superior technology. It provides complete and effective cleaning by removing tough stains and dirt effortlessly.

  • User-Friendly Controls

    User-Friendly Controls

    Speed queen washer control board has easy-to-use controls which makes your laundry a hassle-free experience. It lets you select the water temperature, adjust the cycling speed, and keep you updated about the current stage of the wash cycle.

  • Large Capacity

    Large Capacity

    Speed queen washer and dryer have enormous drum capacities that enable you to wash large loads of clothes in a single cycle, minimizing the number of washes required.

  • Time-Saving Cycles

    Time-Saving Cycles

    Speed Queen washing machines provide efficient wash cycles that complete the job quickly without sacrificing cleaning quality, allowing you to save time on laundry.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    Despite their powerful performance, Speed Queen washing machines are designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on utility bills while being environmentally conscious.

Why Choose Us To Shop Speed Queen Washing Machines?

Trusted brand

Here are a few important reasons to consider us while shopping for the speed queen washing machine.

  • Dealing Global Brands

    Dealing Global Brands

    Our collection features the best washing machines from leading global manufacturers, giving you unmatched options and advanced technology.

  • Friendly Customer Service

    Friendly Customer Service

    Our dedicated and knowledgeable team is always ready to help you with any inquiries or problems, offering personalized and friendly service.

  • One-Year Product Warranty

    One-Year Product Warranty

    We provide a one-year speed queen washing machine warranty as a result of our dedication to quality, offering you confidence and peace of mind when making your purchase.

  • Quick Item Delivery

    Quick Item Delivery

    We recognize the value of on-time delivery, and our operations team makes sure that your selected products get to your door quickly.

  • Value Time And Money

    Value Time And Money

    We respect the value of your time and hard-earned money. That's why we strive to offer competitive prices and efficient services, ensuring you get the best deals.

  • Buy Quality Products

    Buy Quality Products

    We only provide products from reputed global brands known for their exceptional quality and reliability, ensuring you make a wise investment.

Top Picks in Speed Queen Washing Machines

Speed Queen Front Load Dryer


Introducing the Speed Queen Top Load 10.5 Kg Fully Automatic Dryer, the peak of laundry perfection with American Technology. The combination of Over-Dry Technology and Commercial Cool-Down Technology ensures that your favorite clothes and linens get the careful treatment they deserve, preventing premature wear. Its extended tumble feature acts as a wrinkle safety net, saving you from the trouble of setting wrinkles that have been neglected in the dryer. Plus, its reversible door adds ease by allowing you to streamline your laundry room arrangement. This model comes with a warranty of 2 years which offers you peace of mind.

Speed queen front load dryer

What Sets Speed Queen Washing Machine Apart From Other Brands?

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Wondering why you should invest in these washing machines when there are so many options available? Well, there are multiple reasons to shop it. Discover the difference!

  • Legendary Reliability

    Legendary Reliability

    With over 110 years of commercial-quality expertise, Speed Queen washing machines are built to last. They believe in true peace of mind and that’s why they make sure that your hard-earned money rewards you with decades of reliable performance.

  • National Accolades

    National Accolades

    Speed Queen washing machines earn their credits not through flashy commercials but through the stories of satisfied owners and thorough testing. They have earned the Women’s Choice award as the most recommended luxury washer and dryer in 2021.

  • American Quality

    American Quality

    When 3,000+ experts work together to create the best laundry machines, you get Speed Queen. These machines go through over 10,400 cycles of testing to ensure top-notch quality.

  • Warranty Wonders

    Warranty Wonders

    Speed Queen leads the way with the best warranties in the industry: three, five, and seven years. When you choose Speed Queen, it's not just for peace of mind; it's for long-term comfort and support.

  • Engineering Excellence

    Engineering Excellence

    They use smart features like fluid-filled balance rings, tough springs, and a solid-steel base for the best performance on top load washers. Oh, and they test all their electronic controls by pressing them a million times – yes, they actually do that.

  • Solutions for Pets

    Solutions for Pets

    Tired of getting your pet's love on your clothes as pet hair? They've designed a simple solution to keep the love while removing pet hair and odors, making your pet ownership experience carefree and hair-free.

  • Experts in Fabric Care

    Experts in Fabric Care

    Their Perfect Wash™ system makes sure to wash every cloth gently and very effectively, keeping your family's wardrobe looking great for years to come. Plus, its Over-Dry Protection feature offers better care for your clothes and linens.

  • Care for All Lifestyles

    Care for All Lifestyles

    Speed focus on options that simplify your life and bring you peace of mind. It tackle the worst parts of laundry with features like steam refresh, static reduction, and steam sanitizing in our DR7 model, giving you more time to relax.

Working Process Of Speed Queen Washing Machines

The working process of Speed Queen washing machines is straightforward and efficient. Here is a more detailed explanation of the washing and cleaning process-

Load Clothes

Put your clothing in the drum of the washing machine first. Make sure not to overload it to ensure proper cleaning.

Select Wash Cycle

Speed Queen has a variety of cycles that cater to different materials and cleaning needs. Select the desired wash cycle from the control board for washing your fabric.

Add Detergent

Pour the necessary amount of detergent into the dispenser or directly into the drum. Some speed queen front loader washing machine also have compartments for fabric softener and other additives.

Water Filling

Depending on the load size and wash cycle you choose, the machine will begin to fill with water until the necessary level is reached.


The drum will start to vibrate as the water level is reached, shifting the clothing back and forth. This procedure helps in removing stains and dirt from the materials.

Draining and Rinsing

The machine will discharge the soapy water after the agitation stage and begin the rinse procedure. The drum will be filled with fresh water to clean out any dirt and detergent residue.


Remove excessive water from the garments after rinsing which will spin the drum quickly and reduce drying time.

Cycle Completion

When the spin cycle is over, the washing machine will stop and your garments will be ready for drying.

Speed queen washing machine

Benefits Of Speed Queen Washing Machines

1. Speed Queen washing machines are built to last which saves you money in the long run.

2. These machines provide excellent cleaning performance ensuring that your laundry is fresh and spotless.

3. You may do your laundry more quickly and have more time for other activities with faster cycle times.

4. The speed queen washing machine water usage feature can let you reduce water consumption without compromising on its cleaning power.

5. As a result of their energy-saving features, you can save money on your utility expenses.

6. Despite their intense cleaning capabilities, queen washing machine is gentle on fabrics, preserving the quality of your clothes.

7. The machine will run quietly, giving you a relaxing laundry experience.

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Guidelines For Speed Queen Washing Machine Maintenance

Follow these speed queen washing machine instructions for proper maintenance and care to ensure optimal performance and extend its lifespan and keep your laundry running smoothly for years to come.


How To Clean The Machine?

  • Wipe down the exterior with a moist cloth regularly to eliminate dirt and stains.
  • To avoid odor and mold, clean the door seal and internal drum with a solution of mild detergent and water.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals that could harm the machine's surfaces.
  • Always read and follow the speed queen washing machine manual for proper cleaning and maintenance.


How To Maintain Filters?

  • After each use, check and clean the lint filter to avoid blockages and ensure effective drying.
  • Clean the drain pump filter regularly to minimize obstructions and ensure proper drainage.


How To Resolve Speed Queen Washing Machine Troubleshooting Issues?

  • Check the power source and make sure the door is properly closed if the machine does not start
  • To detect water leaks, inspect hoses and connectors for damage or blockage.                   
  • If the machine makes weird noises, stop it immediately and inspect the drum for any loose items.


Some Additional Maintenance Tips

  • Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the recommended type and amount of detergent to prevent overuse or underuse.
  • Use high-efficiency detergent for speed queen front loader washer models to optimize performance.
  • To minimize imbalance, which may result in excessive vibrations and potential damage, distribute the clothing evenly throughout the drum.
  • Avoid overloading the machine because this will damage the motor and reduce cleaning effectiveness.
  • Check that the washing machine is level to avoid excessive shaking during operation.
  • Most importantly, schedule regular professional maintenance checks to identify and address any potential problems early on.

FAQs About Speed Queen Washing Machines


Why Is Speed Queen So Expensive?

Speed Queen washing machines are expensive due to their superior build quality, long-lasting components, and industry-leading performance, which provides customers with long-lasting and reliable laundry solutions.


How Long Is The Lifespan Of A Speed Queen Washing Machine?

A well-maintained Speed Queen washing machine can last up to 25 years or more for its durable construction and high-quality components.


Do Speed Queen Washers Use A Lot Of Water?

No, Speed Queen Washers are made with water-saving technology, ensuring effective water usage and helping users in conserving resources without sacrificing cleaning effectiveness.


How Fast Does Speed Queen Dry?

The speed queen washing machine time for drying clothes usually can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.


How Fast Does Speed Queen Wash?               

You can quickly wash the entire laundry in less than 30 minutes using a speed queen washing machine. 


Are Speed Queen Washers And Dryers Reliable?

Yes, Speed Queen Washers and dryers are renowned for being incredibly reliable and long-lasting which makes them a trusted option for both domestic and industrial laundry needs.


Are Speed Queen Washers And Dryers Energy Efficient?

Yes, Speed Queen washers and dryers are made to be energy-efficient, allowing customers to reduce their utility expenses without sacrificing cleaning or drying power.


Are There Stainless Steel Tubs In Speed Queen Washers?

Yes, the stainless steel tub found in Speed Queen washing machines offers increased durability and resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring a longer machine lifespan and maintaining the quality of your washing.


Where Can I Buy Speed Queen Appliances?

You can buy Speed Queen Appliances through authorized and trusted dealers like Kridovia which ensure that you'll get genuine product and have access to after-sale support.


Do Speed Queen's Appliances Come With A Warranty?

Yes, Speed Queen normally offers a warranty on its products, giving clients piece of mind and protection against flaws or manufacturing defects during the specified warranty period.

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