Wooden Hotel's Humidity Nightmare Ends With A Hotel Visitor's Advice – Must-Read Revelation!

Are excessive humidity and musty odors making your hotel’s visitors unhappy? Well, it’s a quite common problem often faced by the hotels in hilly areas. Today we came up with an interesting story of how a simple advice from a hotel visitor changed the fate of a wooden hotel and gave it a fresh makeover. If you want to get rid of those unpleasant odors, read this blog to get a dry and comfy place.

How Vikram's Genius Tip Saved Wooden Hotel from Humidity Issues? Blog Poster

During the scorching summer of 2023, Vikram and his wife decided to escape the heat of Kolkata by heading to Darjeeling. 🧳 Excitement filled the air as they looked forward to a relaxing time in the picturesque surroundings. 🌄

They felt really happy by boarding the toy train, by watching the beauty of the snow-peaked Kanchenjunga mountains, and lush-green tea gardens. ☕

dehumidifier for hilly areas
dehumidifier for hilly areas

Their happiness didn't only come from the pretty scenery but also from the idea of staying in a wooden cottage-like hotel for the first time.

The town's welcoming environment, paired with its natural beauty, made it an ideal location for Vikram and his wife to create joyful memories during their visit.

As they approached the booked wooden hotel, their excitement reached its peak. 😍

dehumidifier for wooden hotels

However, their joy turned into disappointment upon reaching the wooden hotel they had booked. 😢

As they entered, an unpleasant damp smell 👃 surrounded them, making their stay uncomfortable.

Even though the hotel appeared to be in decent condition inside, the musty odor was a major concern for the couple.

dehumidifier for wooden hotels

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They wanted to enjoy their vacation, so Vikram decided to spend most of the time outside to feel better.

Concerned about the hotel's condition, Vikram spoke to the manager, who revealed that the staff, including the owner, was troubled by excessive dampness and odor issues. They did everything to keep the relative humidity consistent, but nothing worked. Many guests had left due to the excessive level of humidity inside the hotel, causing a significant loss in their business. 😟

Feeling a sense of sympathy, he suggested them using a dehumidifier. Vikram explained the manager that the root cause of their problems was likely excessive moisture in the air and recommended the use of an portable dehumidifier.

So, he recommended the White Westinghouse Dehumidifier, highlighting its effectiveness in reducing humidity.

This is the best dehumidifier in India among other dehumidifier that solves the problem of humidity forever. It makes the space dry and comfortable at an affordable price. The manager further asked Vikram if he could recommend him a good place to buy this equipment online.

Vikram instantly shared the link of Kridovia, a renowned dehumidifier supplier in India. As he bought his dehumidifier from them and the overall experience of shopping, installation and after-sales service was excellent.

best dehumidifier for wooden hotels

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Grateful for Vikram's advice, the hotel manager wasted no time in ordering the recommended dehumidifier from Kridovia. To everyone's surprise, within a few short hours, the dampness noticeably decreased, and the musty odors began to evaporate.

Over the course of a week, the transformation was astonishing: the once uncomfortable wooden hotel had become a beautiful and inviting place. 🏨

The hotel owner, pleased with the positive changes, personally contacted Vikram to express his gratitude. In appreciation for his small contribution, the hotel offered a generous 50% discount on their next visit.

Word spread quickly about the hotel's turnaround, and soon, they were overwhelmed with booking inquiries. Within a month, every room was occupied, marking a remarkable revival for the once-struggling establishment. 😍

So, this is how a single yet valuable advice of using a portable dehumidifier for dehumidification saves a beautiful hotel from its downfall.

dehumidifier for wooden hotels

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Invest In A Portable Dehumidifier Immediately If You Notice These Warning Signs!

According to the leading Dehumidifier supplier, humidity doesn’t attack you on short notice. It sends you some SOS ⚠ that you must never ignore.

Signs that you need to dehumidify

Mold Growth

High humidity is like a VIP invitation for mold and mildew to throw a party in hotel corners. It’s not the type of guests you want hanging around.

Musty Odors

Excess humidity often produces unpleasant musty odors in hotel rooms and lobby. This can negatively impact your guest experience and satisfaction.

Damage to Interiors

Prolonged exposure to high humidity can harm wooden furniture, décor items, and walls. Humidity can be a major issue in wooden hotel interiors and might increase your expenses in repairing.

Comfort Issues for Guests

Guests prefer comfort over a sticky and uncomfortable experience. High humidity can transform a comfortable hotel room into a sauna, leaving your guests wishing they had brought a swimsuit.

AC Overdrive

To combat humidity in the hotel, you might turn on the AC. Wait!

It can end up in higher energy bills at the end of the month, and nobody loves paying more for utilities.

Impact On Towels

Even those fluffy towels aren't spared. High humidity can make them damp and, let's be honest, nobody wants to use a damp towel.

Health Concerns

Humid environments can promote the growth of allergies and germs, thereby causing health concerns for your guests and staff.

How Installing A Dehumidifier Machine Can Benefit Your Business For Long-Run?

Let me break down why it's White Westinghouse Dehumidifier can be the best choice for your hotel:

Goodbye Mold and Mustiness

Using the best dehumidifier in India ensures no more weird smells or moldy surprises. A dehumidifier kicks that musty, damp air outside, keeping your hotel smelling fresh and clean.

Happy Guests, Happy Hotel

Humidity can be a real mood-killer for your guests. But with the White Westinghouse dehumidifier, say hello to happy guests! No more sticky discomfort – just cozy, comfy stays that your guests will talk about.

Furniture Saver

Does your wooden furniture lose its shine? It can happen due to high humidity. The good news is that a dehumidifier machine can protect your furniture and spare you the trouble and expense of replacing it.

Cost-effective Operation

Your air conditioner will operate more efficiently if you pair it with a dehumidifier which will help in financial savings on your energy bills.

Health Boost

Happy visitors are those in good health. Dehumidifiers ensure a better atmosphere for all by reducing the amount of bacteria and allergens in the air.

Low Maintenance, High Results

Dehumidifiers are low-maintenance devices that produce big results while dehumidifying the atmosphere. Set it and forget it, while it quietly works its magic in the background.


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