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  • Leading Position

    Leading Position

    Our excellence in providing free and quick delivery with the best shopping experience has made us one of the leading suppliers of White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers.

  • Friendly Support

    Friendly Support

    Our friendly support team is here to enhance your shopping experience, providing assistance and guidance every step of the way.

  • 12 Months Warranty

    12 Months Warranty

    Every product you buy from Kridovia comes with one year extended warranty that gives you peace of mind. We also offer a 24-month warranty on compressors.

  • Dealing International Brands

    Dealing International Brands

    We deal with international brands ensuring premium quality and the latest technology at your fingertips at affordable prices.

White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers

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Whether you live in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata or Mumbai, humidity is a great concern for all areas in tropical country like India.

Being the supplier of the best dehumidifier in India, we are here to provide you with top-quality dehumidifiers that help control excess moisture in your home.

With a dedication to quality, we work to supply goods that will provide you with the utmost comfort and convenience.

Our team is committed to offering outstanding customer service and ensuring a smooth and positive experience while buying a dehumidifier for your home.

Trust in our expertise and industry knowledge as we bring you the White Westinghouse dehumidifiers for humidity control. Order online to feel the difference right now!

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White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers

Working Process Of White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers

If you are planning to buy a dehumidifier machine, you should try to understand the science behind these dehumidifiers.

A White Westinghouse dehumidifier works by pulling in moist air from the surrounding environment. The moisture in the air condenses into water droplets as it passes through a cooling coil.

These droplets are either flushed out or collected in a water tank. After that, the dehumidifier releases the dry air back into the room, reducing humidity levels.

This method is carried out repeatedly until the necessary humidity is attained. The stored water is automatically drained through a hose attached to a drainage system.

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Key Features Of White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers


White Westinghouse dehumidifier are known for their durability and technical features that keeps your living space or work area moist free and cooler. Check out the best features offered by this powerful appliances -

  • High Moisture Removal Capacity

    High Moisture Removal Capacity

    Dehumidifiers made by White Westinghouse are suitable for various environments because they are designed to remove large volumes of moisture from the air efficiently and effectively.

  • Digital Humidity Control

    Digital Humidity Control

    Many dehumidifier model features automatic humidistat control that make it simple for consumers to set and modify the preferred humidity level for their unique needs.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    White Westinghouse dehumidifiers comes with energy-saving features to help reduce power consumption while effectively dehumidifying the air.

  • Automatic Defrost Function

    Automatic Defrost Function

    A commercial dehumidifier include an automated defrost capability, which allows for uninterrupted operation even in low-temperature areas where frost can accumulate on the coils. This feature is similar to an auto frost control unit found in freezers.

  • Convenient Placement

    Convenient Placement

    These dehumidifiers are known for their easier mobility with convenient wheels. This feature makes them versatile and easy to move around as needed. 

  • Large Water Tank Capacity

    Large Water Tank Capacity

    These dehumidifiers usually include a large water tank or collection tray, which reduces the frequency of emptying full water and allows for continuous operation.

  • Humidity Control

    Humidity Control

    The dehumidifier has a humidity sensor that monitors the moisture level in the air. It also display warning signal on its LCD if the machine identifies excess amount to moisture in the air. It allows you for automatic reset and help you to maintain the desired humidity.

  • Air-Purifying Filters

    Air-Purifying Filters

    Some dehumidifier for home also include air purifier like filters that helps in removing airborne particles and provide clean, and fresh indoor air.

  • User-Friendly Control Panel

    User-Friendly Control Panel

    White Westinghouse home dehumidifier include control panels that are simple to operate, enabling customers to quickly change settings and monitor your machine's performance.

  • Quiet Operation

    Quiet Operation

    Dehumidifiers from White Westinghouse are designed to function quietly, reducing the noise level in the surrounding area.

Benefits Of Using White Westing House Dehumidifiers

Here is a list of benefits offered by dehumidifiers of White Westinhouse brand that can improve your indoor air quality and also save your utility cost. 

1. These dehumidifiers are made to effectively remove excess moisture from the air, maintaining a cozy and healthy indoor environment.

2. By reducing humidity, it can help prevent mold growth, which can be harmful to both the environment and human health.

3. Removing excess moisture from the air can improve air quality by reducing allergens in the air.

4. Using a dehumidifier can help preserve your costly furniture, electronic items and documents from high humidity levels.

5. White-Westinghouse dehumidifier is designed with energy-efficient features, which can lead to lower electricity bills.

6. These dehumidifiers comes with sensor that allows the dehumidifier to function automatically.

7. A portable room dehumidifier includes caster wheels and handles, making them easier to move from one area to another and increasing usage flexibility.

Green Revolution With White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers

Join the Green Revolution With White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers

Dear Nature Lovers,

Saving nature and its invaluable resources is a cause close to our hearts. That's why we'd like to introduce you to White-Westinghouse dehumidifiers, a wonderful addition to any Indian home. White-Westinghouse dehumidifiers are a shining example of energy efficiency. They have earned the coveted Energy Star Certification and meet stringent energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Their user-friendly electronic controls and a digital display, allow you to set and maintain specific humidity levels in your living spaces. This accuracy ensures that the unit operates only as much as needed. Their auto shut-off and auto-restart functions increase energy savings even more.

Every component of this appliance, from motors and fans to compressors, is designed to contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the unit. Wait…all these features are just a small trailer of this user-friendly appliance. To experience its amazing qualities, make a purchase today!

Let’s Help You Get The Right Model For A Moisture-Free Space

Make a smart choice!

In your journey to bring home the best dehumidifier, you might get confused 🙄 seeing a wide range of options. Just chill! Kridovia is here to help you make the right decision to get a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

  • Room Size and Coverage

    Room Size and Coverage

    Determine the size of the area that has to be dehumidified. Different versions have varying capacities, so choose one that corresponds to the size of your space. A 12-40 liters dehumidifier is ideal for your home, while 60 – 100 liters is considered a good choice for large commercial spaces.

  • Noise Level

    Noise Level

    Although maximum models of White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers are noise-free, but if you plan to use the dehumidifier in a living area or bedroom, opt for a model with low noise levels to ensure a peaceful environment in your home.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    Every White Westinghouse dehumidifier is energy-efficient. However, their energy-efficiency rate might differ depending on the model. Some models might consume 255W while others can take up to 565W. So, choose the ideal dehumidifier based on your needs.

  • Size Of Water Tank

    Size Of Water Tank

    Another important point to consider is the size of the water tank. The size of the tank determines how quickly it fills and becomes empty again. Choose a large tank if you don’t want to worry about the water-filling capacity of the tank.

  • Type Of Dehumidifier

    Type Of Dehumidifier

    There are various types of dehumidifiers, but you should the one that solves your problem. A compressor dehumidifier is ideal for spaces that are not too cold. However, a desiccant dehumidifier is suitable for large and cold areas like basements or garages.

  • Special Features

    Special Features

    Make sure to look for special features like build-in-humidistat, auto shut off and restart, air filtration, and auto frost option. As these smart features will help you save energy, making the moisture removal process easier.

How White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers Outshines Competing Brands?

When it comes to dehumidifiers, making the right choice can significantly impact your living environment. Let's look at the features of some leading brands and see why White Westinghouse emerges as the best dehumidifier in India.

Area Coverage and Moisture Removal:

White Westinghouse: Covers 3000 cubic feet and helps in moisture removal of 20 liters per day.

Competitors: Although other brands provide good moisture removal just like White Westinghouse dehumidifiers but may have limitations in the coverage area.

Noise Level and Air Quality:

White Westinghouse: This dehumidifier operates extremely silently, ensuring a peaceful environment in your home or commercial areas. They are also equipped with an air-purifying filter to reduce excess moisture and prevent mold and mildew growth. As a result, there are fewer chances of damage to your furniture, valuable items, or home interior.

Competitors: While they offer features like sleep mode and dust filters, they may not match the noise-free operation and air quality enhancement of White Westinghouse dehumidifiers.

Advanced Controls and Alerts:

White Westinghouse: These dehumidifiers boast a range of smart features, including Automatic Humidistat Control, Auto Frost Control, and a Full Water Tank Warning Signal. It also allows for continuous drainage as well.

Competitors: While other brands provide useful services such as self-diagnosis, timers, and warnings, they may not provide the same level of automation and control as White Westinghouse.

Environmental Considerations:

White Westinghouse: These dehumidifiers show an environmental concern by employing recyclable materials and also include an anti-bacterial container. All these qualities make your home or workspace an environment-friendly area to live and work.

Competitors: While they may have some eco-friendly features, White Westinghouse takes an extra step towards sustainability.

Durability, And Energy Efficiency:

Westinghouse White: White Westinghouse dehumidifiers are designed for long-term durability and are a cost-effective solution that not only saves you money but also consumes less power.

Competitors: Other big brands may provide high performance, however, they may not provide the same level of durability and energy-saving benefits as White Westinghouse.


FAQs On White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers 

Does dehumidifier consume a lot of electricity?

Reputed brands like White Westinghouse produce dehumidifiers that comes with energy-saving features. These models help you save money spent on utility bills.

Are dehumidifiers worth the money?

Yes, if you live in a humid area or have moisture problems, dehumidifiers are worth investing.

Is it ok to leave a dehumidifier on all day?

Yes, leaving a dehumidifier on all day is generally safe, especially if it has an automated shut-off mechanism.

Does dehumidifier make room cooler?

Yes, a dehumidifier can make a room feel cooler by removing excess moisture from the air, which reduces humidity levels and helps improve overall comfort. 

What is a refrigerant dehumidifier?

A refrigerant dehumidifier is a type of dehumidifier that works by cooling the air, condensing moisture, and then reheating it before releasing it back into the space.

How many litre of dehumidifier does White Westinghouse offer?

White Westinghouse offers a wide range of dehumidifiers with capacities ranging from 30 to 110 liter as per your space requirements.

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