Things A First Time Dehumidifier User Should Know

Learn essential tips for using a dehumidifier effectively and improving air quality in your home. Safeguard your space with these expert insights.

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Humidity is something that nobody likes. It makes you uncomfortable and irritable. Also, it causes some significant health problems, like cramps, dehydration, chronic fatigue, fainting, and even heat stroke. We know all these. The question is, how to deal with these? By buying an air exchanger. You must be thinking who’s the best Dehumidifier supplier in India? 

Kridovia is the best dehumidifier in india for affordable and quality dehumidifier solutions. We allow you to choose between a wide variety of brands and perform your transaction through all kinds of payment methods. But, what’s a dehumidifier in the first place? Keep reading this article and understand why you don’t have to check the other dehumidifier price in india when Kridovia is here! 


What Is A Dehumidifier? 

A Dehumidifier or an extractor is a home appliance designed to control the amount of moisture in the air. An air dehumidifier can be portable. You can install it more efficiently nowadays, which is an added advantage.

Not even humidity, but many other problems are also controlled by a ventilator. Examples of such are allergies, respiratory problems, discomfort, and so on. In simple words, it also serves as an air filter.


Things A First Time Dehumidifier User Should Know

Take note of the following points, if you’re a first-time customer of an extractor or a ventilator.

1. Decide The Dehumidifier Type For A Particular Season

There are three types of dehumidifier air purifier in the market. These are refrigerant, desiccant, and thermo-electric. Thermo-electric ones are not common. Desiccants are preferred all year and refrigerants don’t perform well in low temperatures. However, you can opt for a refrigerant model if you want it in the summer. 

The Dehumidifier Type For A Particular Season

2. Moisture Control And Air Purification

An air exchanger traps humidity. It helps you stay more comfortable. Also, it helps keep the air pure and safe. As mentioned before, polluted air is injurious to health and may cause many health problems.

Moisture Control And Air Purification

3. Decide The Size 

Compare the room size, holding capacity, and moisture in your space. Capacity means how much humidity the home dehumidifier would be able to remove every 24 hours. The unit of measuring it is pints.

Moisture level refers to the relative dampness in the room. It means if the room is mildly, moderately, or severely damp. Consider choosing an air dehumidifier of a larger capacity than what’s required. 

Decide The Size 

4. Tank Capacity, Auto-Drainage System, And Internal Pump

A very important thing to keep in mind is how you will empty the water collected in the extractor’s reservoir. There are two models. The first one supports manual draining, which means you’ll have to drain the water by yourself from time to time. These models have a larger holding capacity.

The other types of a dehumidifier for room allow automatic drainage systems. All you’ve to do is direct the drainage tank into your sewage system. It doesn’t require you to drain it by yourself regularly.

Tank Capacity, Auto-Drainage System, And Internal Pump

5. Noise Level And Consumption Of Energy

If you want to buy a home air dehumidifier for your bedroom, consider choosing one with a sound range of 40 to 45 decibels. This is because air exchangers are very noisy and may interfere with your sleep. 

Also, select the star-certified units which consume less power. These are ideal for usage and save your electricity bills too.

Noise level and consumption of energy

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do you need to use a dehumidifier every day?

This is one of the most prominent Things A First Time Dehumidifier User Should Know. The usage would depend on the climate and other factors.

2. Does it cost a lot to run a dehumidifier?

The best air purifier dehumidifier may cause you a bit extra electricity. However, they’re cheaper to run in comparison to ordinary ones.

3. Is a home dehumidifier worth it?

Yes, you should invest a bit in this appliance. It’ll not only cleanse your home’s air quality but also protect you from diseases.

4. Does a dehumidifier cool a room? 

A dehumidifier controls the temperature of a room. It doesn’t lower the temperature but can make you feel cooler. However, it is different from an air conditioner.

5. How many times a day can I empty my dehumidifier?

You need to empty your best air dehumidifier at least once every two days. You can also do it two times a day. 

6. Should I run a dehumidifier at night?

Yes, you’re recommended to run a dehumidifier 24*7. However, it makes noise. You should take care of this before operating it.


An air exchanger doesn’t only save you from health problems but also makes you feel positive. A clean environment is what everyone desires. Nobody can be comfortable in excess humidity. Ready to deal with the best dehumidifier in india? Visit kridovia now and start buying!

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