How Do Split System Air Conditioners Work | Get Expert Tips

Are you planning on getting a new split AC? But first, you need to know about how split system air conditioners work before buying. Read the blog with us.

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What Is A Split Type Air Conditioner?

To know about how split system air conditioners work, you have to start with what is a split unit air conditioner. As the best Ac dealers in Kolkata, we will suggest you buy a split air conditioner.

A split ac system has two units, essentially known as the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. It is a set of two machinery components that work as one through proper piping.

Before you buy a split air conditioner or a window ac. You must properly evaluate which one is better suitable for you. Start by comparing the two prices of both air conditioners, you must also evaluate the size of the room, for what you are getting the AC. This step is very essential as the size of a room decides whether the room needs a split cooling system or a central one.

Kridovia has the finest White Westinghouse air conditioner that can serve your purpose. So, are you ready to explore everything about a split ac unit?

Photo of a 2 ton 3 star split Ac

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What Are The Positive Aspects Of A Split System Ac Unit?

As a wholesale air conditioner seller, we would suggest you go for a White Westinghouse split ac to enjoy maximum benefits and super-fast cooling.

We have noted down a few of the pros of a split Ac for you. Read on.

  • A Split AC is easy to install
  • It requires low maintenance
  • Split unit AC price is budget-efficient
  • Best Split AC for small room.

split ac outdoor unit

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How Split System Air Conditioners Work?

A split AC has two units - the split air conditioner indoor unit and the split AC outdoor unit. They are attached through electric and refrigerant wires for functioning.

The functionality of how split system air conditioners work is given below.

1) Indoor Section

A split unit air conditioning system has a blower fan, an evaporator system, and an air filter unit. You can start the ac by turning on the power button through the remote provided with the AC. 

When the machine starts, hot air is drawn outside of a room through the evaporator system.

2) Refrigeration

The cooling coil attached to both the indoor and outdoor units contains gas that safely absorbs warm air from a room and starts releasing cold and fresh air.

You can also use the best multi split air conditioner if you wish to cool more than one room through one outdoor unit.

3) Compressing Unit

As the warm air is drawn by the evaporator unit, the compressor starts functioning by converting the gas into high pressure and temperature. This leads to the cooling of the room.

If the compressor of the AC malfunctions, the cooling effect of the split system air conditioner will also stop working. That is why, this is one of the important reasons for how split system air conditioners work.

4) Outdoor System Of An AC

When the high temperature and pressure gas starts releasing from the compressor, it gets into the condenser coil of the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit also has a fan that blows air over the gas and it finally gets released through the outdoor ventilation system.

You do not have to worry if your outdoor unit ever gets spoiled, as you can get a new split ac outdoor unit price in the low range.

5) The Process Of Repetition In Split Room Air Conditioner

The process of releasing cold air and absorbing hot air continues as long as the compressor and condenser are switched on. The cycle repeats to maintain a cool and comfortable temperature in a room.

A White Westinghouse split Ac

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Air Conditioner Split System HVAC: Expert Tips

Now that you know how split system air conditioners work, we will give you a few tips that can make your AC or split central air conditioner last longer and work efficiently.

1) Proper Size Of  An Ac

Always buy an Ac that can well fit the size of your room. A smaller Ac unit struggles to cool down a room which can lead to malfunctioning. While a larger Ac will utilize energy more frequently which will lead to wastage and higher electric bills.

2) Maintenance Is Important

As you already know, all electric devices need proper maintenance for better working capacity. A split Ac too needs maintenance at every interval to work flawlessly. 

The maintenance of a split unit air conditioner price is low so, you can book an appointment with an expert for cleaning and checkup of the Ac every 3 months.

3) Set Proper Temperature

The energy efficiency wasted also depends on what temperature you set your Ac on.

Always set your Ac at a comfortable temperature but restrain from extremely lowering the temperature as this might stress out the functionality of the Ac and can consume more energy. 

4) Allow More Ventilation

Always switch on a ceiling fan to distribute the cool air evenly at every corner of a room. This will help you to set the temperature at a slightly higher mode while the warm air passes through the evaporator unit.

This way you can stay comfortable without worrying about higher energy consumption.

5) Put The Outdoor Unit Under Shade

It is better if you can put your outdoor unit of the Ac under a shaded area. This will help the machine to work faster while excessive heat will not affect the outdoor unit.

6) Minimize Heat Generating Usage

To save energy and maximize the cooling capacity of an Ac, you must refrain from using any heat-generating appliances within the room where the Ac is fitted.

An inverter split Ac by Kridovia


We have mentioned everything about a split air conditioner and how split system air conditioners work so that you can make the right choice after reading this blog.

You can also visit us on our website of Kridovia if you have any further queries or doubts.

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