A Comprehensive Guide To Air Conditioning Maintenance

Get expert tips on air conditioning maintenance before buying a new AC. Ensure optimal performance and longevity of your air conditioner.

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Planning to shop for an air conditioner in kolkata? Then, keep reading. In this guide, we’ll talk you through some effective AC cleaning tips and tricks so that your model lasts longer. Before starting, we suggest you check more about Kridovia, the best ac dealers in kolkata. We've been ranked as the supplier of best air conditioner in India, including the White Westinghouse air conditioner.

As you know, humidity is super uncomfortable, especially in the summer. Hence, an AC is a necessity in the summer. However, did you know that your unit can stop performing well if you don’t invest in its repair and maintenance from time to time? Proper maintenance will not only reduce energy costs but also improve indoor air quality. 

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How Can You Ensure Air Conditioning Maintenance?

You can take the following steps to make sure that your ac cooling system delivers the best performance. 

1. Use Fins

Readjust crushed or bent fins gently with a kitchen knife. Do not insert it more than ½ in. 

2. Start With The Central Air Conditioning Unit

You should clean your AC in the spring itself, to save yourself from the dodging summer heat. Gently vacuum the fins with a soft brush made of bristle. They’re brittle and can easily be bent or crushed.

Check the user’s manual of your ac cooling system as different models have distinct physiques. There are many units where you’ll have to unscrew the nuts and bolts and lift a metallic box to get at them.

tips for air conditioner maintenance

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3. Opt For Cleaning Or Replacement Of The Filter

The air filter in an AC contains dust, bacteria, pathogens, and dirt. These make a unit work slower, resulting in higher electricity bills. These also make the outside air conditioner emit poor-quality air, which is not good for your health. Hence, you should clean it once a month or even replace it by consulting a professional. 

tips for air conditioner maintenance

4. Fasten A Submerging AC Pad

The tangible pad under the heat and cool air conditioner unit is prone to settling over the years. As long as there is no tension on the copper coolant tubes and electrical lines, and the model stays level and dry, the sinking of the pad is okay. But, if it continues to submerge and pulls the line compact, or there are water spills around the central air conditioning unit, you’ll have to fix the pad.

5. Get A Multi-Functional Thermostat

This is one of the biggest ways regarding Air conditioning maintenance. A selectable thermostat is a necessity in today’s era. These allow you to automatically lower or increase the temperature when you require it throughout the day. 

This, in turn, saves energy costs. Thermostat air conditioning unit installation is super easy and it usually doesn’t take more than a day to do it. Depending on the model of your unit, you can control it with a remote, operate it automatically, or switch it on.

6. Add An In-line Piping Channel 

If you’ve tried everything but still your split unit air conditioner is giving away hot air, then you need to install a tubing vessel to increase the flow of cool air. Ascend the fan near the outlet and it automatically will drive when your central cooling system for home will run. There are two types of elevating fans available. 

7. Quiet The Home Air Conditioning Unit

If you're a new one, there’s no need for cleaning ac condenser. However, it makes the AC very noisy. To get rid of this irritating sound, understand that the noise is coming from the compressor.

The ultimate solution for the same is a sound blanket. Contact a manufacturer to find the same for you and buy a universal blanket. The air conditioning unit installation is easy. Don’t put a blanket on an old unit as it will not curb the noise. This is one of the main points to note about Air conditioning maintenance.

8. Vacate The Condensate Drain Tube

When you see water splashes around the furnace with your outside air conditioner unit running, you have a clogged drain tube. This condensation contains bacteria and other harmful substances which contribute to clogging.

9. Seasonal Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Use a handy checklist for air conditioning maintenance to examine your HVAC system. Then, book an appointment for air conditioning service and repair before the summer reaches its peak.

10. Opt For a Whole-House Fan

The whole-house fans have remained in homes for decades. Their design is not rocket science. There is an attic-mounted fan that pushes hot air out through vents and draws outer cooler air in through doors and windows. This makes your hot environment cooler in minutes.

11. Insulation Check-Up

Condensation that settles on the outside air conditioner reduces efficiency and raises energy bills. Hence, you can keep a check on the Air conditioning maintenance by replacing the damaged or rotten insulation material.

Also, you can separate bent fins on a split unit air conditioning system with the help of a fin comb. Make sure you don’t forget to wear gloves or your hands may get cut!

12. Deep Cleaning

You have to deeply clean the AC with a brush. Scrub gunk off of the AC using a plastic breakable brush and foaming cleanser.

13. Air Leaks Might Be The Problem

If none of the air conditioning maintenance tips works, the problem might be underlying. Close all the windows in your house and turn off the fans as well as the exhaust fans. Close the furnace. 

Light an incense stick and slowly walk around the house's outer walls. Wherever you observe the smoke flowing away from something or being stuck toward something, there’s an air leakage. Seal it to fix the problem! 


In this article, we concluded the various benefits and methods of Air conditioning maintenance. If you need more tips on how to clean the filters, check internal connections, or ensure proper airflow, you’re always welcome to Kridovia. We’re the best ac dealers in kolkata and believe in guiding our customers to ensure maximal satisfaction and loyalty. 

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