The Ultimate Dehumidifier Buying Guide By Kridovia

Looking to buy a dehumidifier but not sure where to start? This dehumidifier buying guide covers everything you need to know about a dehumidifier.

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The unbearable heat and sticky humidity of Indian climate has made buying a dehumidifier a household necessity. From reducing dampness and molds, keeping clothes fresh and dry, preventing pests’ invasion and even helping with respiratory illnesses, a dehumidifier does it all. However, it is necessary to understand the basic concept and workings of this device to utilize its maximum capacity and to buy dehumidifier according to your needs.

Here are some basics of hows and whats of buying the best dehumidifier in India.

Increasing humidity in India is major issue that needs immediate actions to be taken upon. Along with the scorching heat of summer, the precipitation is palpable. While we cannot control the heat and humidity of the outside, we can certainly maintain them inside our homes.

First, let’s clear up the necessities for humidifier and dehumidifier. If you live in an arid and dry area and your indoor humidity level is below 30% then you will need a humidifier as it adds moisture to the air. However if your indoor humidity level is above 50%, you’ll need a dehumidifier for house.

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However before buying this equipment, it is important to know how dehumidification works. In simple terms, it is the process in which the moisture also known as the humidity is removed from the air. Dehumidification is often accompanied by heating or cooling of the temperature in air conditioner applications. So, this is how a dehumidifier works in air conditioner by reducing and maintaining the level of humidity in the air.

There are multiple reasons for why a dehumidifier is required. It minimizes the unnecessary sweat level and along with it the uncomforting stickiness and mugginess. Apart from this, many people suffer from some common allergy triggers such as mold, dust mites, and pollen. These triggers can lead to wheezing, chest pain, and eye irritation, itching and sneezing.  These symptoms were found to be reduced exponently when the device is being used to dry out the air. Dehumidifier for mould, asthma and heat stroke control are some of the most common uses.

best dehumidifier in India

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Does A Dehumidifier Clean The Air?


The answer to this question is a big yes. Dehumidifiers also clean the air of the room as most of them have an internal air filter that can trap large dust particles. When the air is comfortably dry and clean, the chances of pests, cockroaches, bugs and spiders are much lesser.

Since the device can be used for multiple reasons, many people are curious if they can use dehumidifier for condensation problem. The answer to this question is yes it can help with condensation but it cannot completely stop condensation.

Before you buy a dehumidifier in India, there are some buyer guides and tips on how to choose a dehumidifier. The first question is when to buy a dehumidifier. Below are some of the common reasons you might consider the best dehumidifier for apartment.

  • You or your family suffers from common mold and dust allergy, coughing, runny nose and respiratory illness for prolonged period of time
  • You experience a constant damp smell in your home
  • During rainy season, you experience water leakage from ceiling and walls
  • The air inside the house is muggy and heavy
  • A major increase in unwanted pests, such as spiders, cockroaches and moths
  • Your freshly washed clothes remain and smell damp even after its given time to dry out

Now that you are certain of buying one, it is important to take into what to look for when buying a dehumidifier.

This depends on your space, budget and requirement. You have to first consider the square meter of the room the device will be kept in as well as how much humidity is affected in your area. For smaller rooms but with high moisture index, you might need a larger unit. Similarly, if you stay in a area where it is comparatively dry, then a smaller unit might also work. It is to be noted that a larger unit will work more efficiently in both moisture removal and energy use.

If you want a dehumidifier for bedroom, make sure it is kept away from other furniture and any water sources. There should be adequate space around the device for it to properly work so placing it as much towards the center as possible is ideal.

How to size a dehumidifier?

It is based on the pint rating capacity. One with 70 pint or less is most commonly used in household purposed while something more than that is best suitable for office and commercial areas. For a space of about 100sq meters to 200 sq meters, a dehumidifier capacity of 35 pint to 70 pint is considered reasonable. Of course it depends on the amount of present temperature, humidity level and desired humidity level.

Another concern for many people is how much electricity does a dehumidifier use as no one wants a hefty bill over one unit. Most modern units are extremely fuel efficient and do not take up too much power, on an average the usage is 300-700 watts.

The work doesn’t end here as it is very important to maintain and care for your device to keep it running for a long time. Following are some of the things to look for in a dehumidifier from time to time.

·        Check that the air filter is working properly and it needs to be replaced every six months to avoid clogging air filter.

·        Check the water level and any signs of any water leakage. You do not put water in a dehumidifier but it is important that the water is being drained regularly which it collects from the air

·        Check for any power fluctuations or heat buildup. A dehumidifier shouldn’t generate too much heat

·        Check for any abnormal loud noise or unusual smell.

·        Keep an eye on the humidity level and make sure it  doesn’t drop below 30%

Can a dehumidifier dehydrate you?

This typically happens when there is a fault in the machine or a major change in climate and temperature. It is advisable to buy a dehumidifier in summer rather than in the winter. Some moisture in the air is essential for our health, eyes and skin.

Many are often confused as where to buy a dehumidifier from? There are both offline and online stores available to choose from. One of the best dehumidifier suppliers, Kridovia, brings out their vast range to cater the needs of the consumers. Their White Westinghouse dehumidifier is one of the leading brands of dehumidifier in India.

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