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Kridovia stands out from the competition with Superior Support, Comprehensive Warranties, and a well-respected Global Brands.



    Offer same-day Delivery within City, Free Deliveries in India and an Exceptional Shopping experience to stay ahead of the competition.



    Kridovia Care takes care of all the Services and Support within 48 hours to make your Shopping experiences memorable.



    12 months Warranty on all Products and 24 months Warranty on Compressor to make Kridovia best from the rest



    Deals with Global Brand and delivers the latest Technology to your place at an affordable price with ease.

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  • We were looking for dehumidifier specifically of White Westinghouse Company. And we came accross Kridovia while surfing. The experience was really good. Efforts of making a fresh video of the products and sharing it to delivery. All of it was a smooth ride. I can say I felt reliable, satisfied and I was really happy with the purchase experience.

    Nirmit Valia
    Nirmit Valia
  • Excellent service and customer care. Job done by professionals in a very systematic way. Looking forward for more services with the same.

    Nitish Jain
    Nitish Jain
  • After approaching Kridovia i got the best high end products. Superb service.

    Deepak Chandirani
    Deepak Chandirani
  • Finally White Westinghouse is in Town.Kridovia by far the best supplier for White Westinghouse Home Appliances.They have a bunch of Good Professionals

    Vijay Mishra
    Vijay Mishra


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