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Going for air conditioner installation? Before buying an AC, check out Why Air Conditioning System Sizing is Important. Read to learn more!

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Hey there! So you are fed up with this scorching summer? Finally, you decided to go for AC installation. What kind of unit do you want to buy? A larger one because it fits the size of your room? Perhaps, you need to think a bit! Before explaining to you why, we suggest you check out more about Kridovia, the dealer of the Best Air Conditioner in India

We’ve been ranked as the number one shop for wholesale air conditioner in Kolkata. Our clients have justified us as the full-proof destination for Air Conditioner India Best. Now, coming to the topic, you must know that larger size does not always fit in. Many times they do not perform well. In this blog, we’ll discuss Why Air Conditioning System Sizing is Important when choosing a unit.

Why the size of air conditioner matters?

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All About Air Conditioners

A central air conditioning unit is a  device that cools and dehumidifies indoor air. It serves the user by extracting warm and humid air from the room and releasing it outside through a condensate plate. Also, this help traps harmful particles and pathogens from the air, improving the air quality.

Why the size of air conditioner matters?

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Reasons Why Air Conditioning System Sizing is Important

1. Comfort

Have you ever walked into your room after coming back from a hot humid environment? Yet, you didn’t feel any better but the inside felt even more sticky! What could be the possible reason? Yes, the ac system sizing! It’s possible that your unit is not properly sized enough. 

An effectively-sized air conditioner doesn’t only make the room cooler but also traps the relative dampness. This overall makes the atmosphere dry and more comfortable. If your system is too large, it’ll turn on and off quickly.

This mechanism is called short cycling and contributes to poor air circulation and flow. This poor ac sizing will make your room more humid, stale, and sticky over time.

2. Improved HVAC Efficiency 

If your HVAC unit is too small or undersized, it’ll have to run continuously to reach the peak temperature and produce the optimal cooling effect. It’ll also raise energy costs. When you have a larger unit, it’ll use less power and doesn’t take much time to reach the set temperature. 

3. Reduced Need For Repair And Maintenance 

If a central air conditioning unit runs continuously, chances are that it’ll witness wear and tear of its parts soon. It’ll cause two problems. First, you’ll have to spend too much on the HVAC repair. Second, your family or colleagues would suffer in this heat without the lack of AC for a few days! Hence, you should regularly invest in sizing maintenance to reduce overall repair costs.

4. Increases The Life Cycle 

An HVAC unit is the biggest investment you can make for your home or space. You would want to ensure it runs smoothly to avoid future investments too soon. A larger central air ac unit works harder than expected by short cycling. Running constantly leads to overload which in turn adds to the wear and tear too quickly. 

Hence, ask an expert for advice on what kind of AC model you should choose. It’ll ensure that your electricity bills are saved and the life span of your system also lasts longer. Once again, Kridovia would be the best option for you.

5. Portability

A smaller central air ac unit often comes in portable ranges too. It means you can transport it and fit it as per the size of your available space. It is beneficial to limited spaces in particular. Larger-sized ACs usually aren’t compatible with smaller rooms. 


In this blog, we talked you through the main reasons Why Air Conditioning System Sizing is Important. If you select a model without proper research about your requirements and needs, chances are you’ll face serious consequences. Hence, it’s crucial to trust Kridovia in this matter. We’re your partners in helping you select the Best Air Conditioner in India at very pocket-friendly rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AC size mean?

The size of a central air conditioning system refers to its overall capacity to hold space. It should be less than your room size so that it can fit in. The heat that it absorbs is measured in the British Thermal Unit (BTU). Per ton of air conditioning can remove around 12, 000 BTUs of warmth per hour. Again, this capacity varies with the size of the model you’ve chosen.

Which type of air conditioner is best for India?

The type depends on an individual’s tastes, preferences, and needs. The most common ones are Window ACs which are super affordable and are for a single room. Split ACs are relatively more expensive but save electricity costs. You can also choose portable ACs if you have to cool multiple rooms in your house or office or frequently move them around.

How does air conditioning affect electricity bills in India?

A central air conditioning unit can significantly impact electricity costs in India since it is one of the biggest energy consumers in a household. You can reduce your energy bills through mindful air conditioner size selection and buying an energy-efficient model.

Are there any health risks associated with using air conditioners in India?

Yes, there are some potential health risks associated, such as cough and cold or other respiratory issues. However, you can avoid these if you don’t use the AC too often. 

Why are air conditioners important in India?

India experiences a hot and humid climate in various parts of it. This becomes unbearable, especially in the summer months. ACs provide comfort in these uncomfortable situations. And also a cooling effect.

What happens if an AC is too small for a space?

If your AC is too small for the room it has been installed in, then it will not be able to generate an efficient output. In addition, the unit would be compelled to operate far longer than it’s developed to, raising bills.

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