A Die-Hard Cricket Fan Travels Hundreds of Miles to Stare at Fog for 4 Hours!

When a die-hard cricket fan Ankit travelled to Dharamshala stadium, he was overjoyed to watch the India vs New Zealand World Cup match. But his dream live cricket experience quickly turned into a nightmare when a dense fog covered the stadium glasses, blocking the view entirely. Read this story and find out how an industrial dehumidifier can be the best option to avoid this kind of unwanted situation in a sports stadium.

The True Story of Getting Rid Of Foggy Stadium Glasses Issues! - Blog Poster

Welcome to Kridovia, India's top dehumidifier supplier for all areas. People living in tropical countries like India often face the issue of extreme humidity. But this heart-breaking story of diehard cricket fan Ankit reminded us of the huge impact that fog and wetness can have on outdoor pleasure and amusement.

We have seen White Westinghouse dehumidifier come to the rescue in all kinds of environments over the years. Till the end of this gut-wrenching story, you will find out on your own why having the best dehumidifier in India is crucial for fog-prone stadiums. Let’s get started!

Ankit was overjoyed when he was able to arrange prized VIP box seats for the important India vs New Zealand World Cup match in Dharamshala.

Watching this match was supposed to be the most memorable moment of 2023 in his life. He flew from Delhi and then took a bus ride into the mountains to the beautiful Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association stadium.

Best solution to prevent fog on stadium glasses
Best solution to prevent fog on stadium glasses

Ankit settled down in the prized VIP box with hot samosas and cold drinks. He was mesmerized by looking at the snow-capped Dhauladhars peaks with their panoramic glass windows and couldn't wait for the game to begin.

However, as soon as the Indian run chase gained momentum, Ankit observed the peaks disappearing behind a layer of fog.

Ankit gazed in horror as the glass panels in front of him fogged up, blocking his million-dollar view of the pitch. He could barely see the players or understand what was happening!

Best solution to prevent fog on stadium glasses

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Ankit became quite frustrated as the fog increased. The magnificent cricket stadium glasses have now become a wall of fog. Ankit tried desperately to rub away the moisture condensation but was unsuccessful.

Spectators sitting with him were equally upset, blinking their eyes and trying hard to see the match through the fog spread on the glasses.

Unfortunately, the fog on the glasses didn’t lift at all. Although the game resumed after a short break, Ankit spent the majority of India's nail-biting victory moment listening to faint cheers and straining his ears for bat and ball noises.

Best solution to prevent fog on stadium glasses

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After spending a lot of money and time, his desire to see a live World Cup match was completely spoiled by annoying fog on stadium glasses.

The players didn't seem affected, but for Ankit and some VIP cricket fans, the Himalayan haze had ruined this long-awaited cricket match in the Himalayan hills.

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The Struggle Is Real

This is not the first time that an entire match experience was spoiled by fog or mist in an Indian sports stadium. In fact, something similar happened in 2021, when heavy fog stole the show during the India-New Zealand test match in Kanpur. Fog not only occurs in cold areas like Dharamshala but also affects stadiums having high pollution levels.

Moisture droplets trapped in contaminated air condense easily, especially during the winter season.

So Ankit's plight is not uncommon in India during the cooler months. Whether due to altitude or pollution, several major cricket stadiums have faced fog episodes.

Fans who spend money and effort watching a thrilling live game frequently find themselves gazing at 24 ghostly figures floating on a foggy glass. So, how can stadium owners prevent this situation by offering a wonderful match experience to their audience?

Let’s find out the perfect solution that works like magic for your sports stadium!


Installing An Industrial Dehumidifier Is The Ultimate Solution

Installing an industrial dehumidifier is the most effective way to reduce fog on stadium glasses. High-capacity dehumidifiers, such as the White Westinghouse 110-liter dehumidifier, can be strategically placed around venue stands to effectively reduce humidity levels.

By pulling moisture out of the air, they prevent water vapor from condensing on glass panels and eyeglasses and obstructing the view.

Dehumidifier for Sports Stadium

These powerful machines, which have built-in compressors and humidistats, quickly reduce the dew point in the stadium.

As a result, all the sports lovers enjoy a wonderful, fog-free match. All you need to do is simply visit the website of Kridovia and order an industrial dehumidifier to beat the fog in a few seconds.

Ankit might have not faced the helpless situation if the stadium owner had installed the best dehumidifier in India before time.  By making your stadium humidity-free, you can promise fans like Ankit clear visibility regardless of how the weather changes.

White Westinghouse Dehumidifier is a big savior when cold weather or pollution threatens the full live sports experience. So, order a dehumidifier today and give your audience a memorable experience!

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