11 Safety Tips On Using A Microwave Oven By Kridovia

Are you unaware of the microwave safety tips? Don’t worry! We would tell you everything you need to know before using a microwave for safety issues.

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Why Microwave Safety Tips Are Important? 

Microwave is a safer, more convenient, and easier option to cook or heat food. In present times, 75% of households have a microwave to fasten their cooking process. 

While we know how helpful a microwave is or what are the benefits of a microwave, what we often do not pay attention to is the microwave safety tips. 

To use a microwave, you should first know about the microwave oven safety precautions. Kridovia has a range of the best microwave oven in India, and we will tell you everything about microwave safety precautions. Read the entire blog to know more.

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Safety Tips On Using A Microwave Oven

To use a microwave oven India best, you must know about the microwave safety rules to avoid accidents and to use a microwave more. 

We have noted down a few safety measures when using a microwave oven below.

1) Pay Attention To The Manual

How to use a microwave and microwave safety tips are often written in the user manual. You must not skip reading the manual to know everything about microwave safety instructions.

2) Do Not Use Metal Containers

As you already know, metals are not microwave-proof. Using any kind of metal container inside the microwave can lead to severe accidents and microwave safety concerns.

3) Do Not Put Sealed Containers Into A Microwave

Another thing that you must know about microwave safety features is to never microwave any sealed container. Heating food builds pressure within a container. 

You must always allow ventilation so the air can pass to have ultimate microwave fire safety.

4) Stir Food While Microwaving A Food Item

According to microwave safety tips, uneven or hard food items often create hotspots in the food where the heat cannot reach. 

To avoid this you must always stir and check your food item so that no lumps or bacteria gets formed in the food.

5) Beware Of Overheating

The most important microwave safety tips that you must know, is to regulate the feature buttons in a microwave so that you can set the perfect timer and food-cooking feature to avoid burning or overcooking your food.

6) Use Only Microwave-Proof Containers

If you read the microwave oven safety instructions then, you will know that you must only use containers like microwave-proof plastics, ceramics, and glass inside a microwave to ensure microwave oven food safety.

7) Never Microwave Eggs With Shells

Unwanted pressure builds in when we heat hard surface materials in a microwave which can lead to malfunction of the microwave. 

To avoid accidents and to ensure microwave oven safety rules, you must always remove the eggs from its shell before keeping them inside a microwave to heat.

8) Clean Your Microwave

Did you know that cleaning your microwave after each use can ensure microwave safety tips? You heard it right. Inflammable leftovers and debris can cause accidents. This can lead the microwave to burst.

9) Never Start An Empty Microwave

Always pay attention to never start your microwave when it is empty. You should also take care of this especially when you have children in your home. 

Starting a microwave empty can lead to microwave oven safety concerns and drastic accidents. Always put food in a microwave container to maintain microwave radiation safety.

10) Always Keep An Eye On Children And Elder Members Of Your Family

As an electronic device, a microwave can sometimes lead to dire situations that can harm your family members. To prevent this, you must be careful when your children or elder members of your family are using the microwave. 

They might not know about every functionality of a microwave which can lead to microwave and food safety concerns.

11) Unplug The Power Plug After Every Use

Always unplug your microwave from the electric socket after use. This can help you avoid short circuits or electronic malfunctions in your microwave.

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You must know about every microwave oven safety precautions to cut the risks of accidents. Always be extra careful while handling an electronic device like a microwave. You must call an expert technician if you find anything disturbing in your microwave. 

You can contact us at our website of Kridovia to know more about microwaves and other electronic devices.

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