The importance of proper installation of air conditioning units

Do you think that installing an AC is underrated? Read this blog to understand the importance of proper installation of air conditioning units.

The importance of proper installation of air conditioning units - blog poster

As the summer has started approaching, so has the scorching heat and humidity. Relative dampness in the air makes the heat unbearable for almost everybody. This is where Kridovia Appliances LLP. comes to the rescue. We’re the suppliers of the Best Air Conditioner in India and provide units of wholesale air conditioner at affordable rates.

However, most people underestimate the power of a proper AC installation. They want to rely on cheap services which cost them later. One should always tie up with a trusted brand before going for an inexpensive price of air conditioner in india. In this blog, we’ll talk you through the value and necessity of an efficient installation of air conditioner to help you take the necessary actions. 

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What Is The Importance Of Proper Installation Of Air Conditioning Units?

1. Energy-Efficient

A properly installed air conditioner is prone to absorb less energy. This makes it operate better and reduces your electricity bills. Ultimately, the home or the business owner can save more!

2. Optimal Performance

An effective ac installation ensures that the unit delivers the best performance. It means that the model would make the room cooler and more comfortable to relax in. Some ACs even make the whole house or building cooler. Isn’t that incredible?

3. Lower Humidity Levels

A proper air conditioner and installation traps excess moisture from the environment, making it less humid. In short, it performs the function of both a dehumidifier and an AC. This is why we call it multi-purpose! The unit releases the trapped dampness from the room and drains the water through its condensate plate.

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4. Absorbs Pathogenic Particles

Do you know what a genuine ac installation looks like? The one which keeps you and your family safe. Yes, you heard it right! When you invest in a full-fledged Air Conditioner fitting, you ensure that all harmful substances are also getting repelled out of your house or office.

There are living creatures like bacteria, yeast, moulds, mildew, viruses, etc. in the air. When you breathe such polluted air in, you also inhale those germs within, making you sick later. Fortunately, the air conditioning installation process confines those disease-causing fungi and makes the atmospheric air safer to breathe in.

5. Longer Shelf Life

A full-proof installation of air conditioning system prevents the AC from getting damaged or malfunctioning. This adds to the increased life span of the unit. 

A properly-fitted model is capable of removing allergens like pollen grains and dirt from the air too. This makes it safer for people with breathing problems like Asthma or Bronchitis.

6. Sustainability 

Did you know that installation of air conditioner can decrease your carbon footprint and add to a sustainable future by reducing energy consumption? Try it out now to see the proof!

7. Better Sleep And Relaxation

You know that excessive humidity and hotness can make it impossible for anybody to sleep without trouble. Recently we’ve been witnessing a rise in insomnia cases, particularly in wet cities like Kolkata. Lack of proper sleep can be very damaging to overall wellness, especially the circulatory system.

The possible causes are probably scorching heat which adds to stress and anxiety as well. The air conditioning installation process ensures you have a peaceful sleep without any trouble. This helps your mind and body relax completely and you wake up fresh and recharged with energy in the morning. 

8. Noise Blocking

The air conditioner installation process blocks the outside noise, which reduces sound pollution. This lets you stay peaceful and be less agitated! Again, not all cheap ACs would allow this feature. You should only trust a wholesale air conditioner for availing of this benefit. 


In this article, we discussed the importance of proper installation of air conditioning units in depth. For a more detailed analysis, you’re always welcome at the wholesale air conditioner supplier in Kolkata, Kridovia. We not only provide ACs but other equipment too at very pocket-friendly rates. Click on to see the client testimonials and book your first appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required for AC installation?

An air conditioning unit installation requires a moisture-free surface. The exterior should be robust enough to take the weight of the indoor AC. The unit should have at least a 6-inch thick wall to mount the interior model. Another alternative for supporting it could be 19mm thick plywood.

What is the most important component of an air conditioner?

The most important component of an AC is its compressor. It is considered the ‘engine’ of the unit. It fits along with a substance known as the working fluid. They altogether help the gas to transform into liquid.

What are the important factors in conditioning the air?

Here are a few factors for air conditioning.

  • Health and safety needs 
  • Budget-friendly and effective
  • Prolonged cooling effect 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Ventilation
  • The size of the overall unit and the room

What do you need to know before air conditioning unit installation?

You must check the following factors before installing an air conditioner. These are

  • Power consumption
  • Durability
  • Great ductwork
  • Air quality
  • Cost
  • Size of the unit and the space available 

What are the two reasons for installing an air conditioner?

One should invest in the air conditioning installation checklist because of the following reasons.

  • Humidity, fungi growth, heat control
  • Safer air quality 

What kind of AC should I buy?

You can preferably invest in Window AC, Split AC, and Portable AC. An inverter AC is best for the home as it provides a more conditioned cooling in comparison to a normal Air Conditioner. It saves more energy and makes less noise too. 

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