How To Use Microwave Oven For The First Time

If you are new to microwaves and not enough confident about their usage. Don’t worry! We will guide you on how to use microwave oven for the first time.

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We often fail to realize how useful a microwave oven is. The amazing machine not only saves our time in cooking or heating food items but we can also set the time through the timer option to cook the food and can do other chores while our food is getting ready. 

Kridovia is one of the finest companies and we have the best microwave oven in India for you. 

Buying a new microwave oven? Come, let us help you with how to use microwave oven for the first time.

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Safe Usage Of A Microwave Oven - How To Use Microwave Oven For The First Time

Safety is the first thing that you need to take care of while using any kind of electronic appliance. The usage of a microwave is simple but you must understand the tips on how to use microwave oven for the first time to avoid blunders.

We have mentioned a few tips below for easy and safe usage of a microwave oven.

1. Pay Attention To The Microwave Manual

As a company that sells the best electronic appliances and microwave oven India best, we would tell you to go through the microwave oven manual thoroughly to understand the different features and settings of your microwave oven model.

2. Check The Power Plug

To ensure microwave oven safe usage, you must also test your power supply to the plug before you start using it. This should be done to save yourself from future accidents and electrocution. 

3. Find A Proper Place For Your Oven Range Microwave

If you are new to how to use microwave oven for the first time then you should know that putting a microwave on a congested or abrupt surface can lead to safety issues. 

Try to put your microwave on a flat surface with proper ventilation and avoid keeping too many things near it. You also should not put any item on top of your manual microwave oven.

4. Check The Interiors Before Microwave Cooking

Always start by inspecting the package in which your microwave arrived, then unpack the package and inspect the interiors of the microwave. 

Remove any kind of paper, stickers, or debris that comes with the packaging, and clean your microwave before you start cooking.

5. Always Use Safe Microwave Range Containers

When microwave oven cooking, you should always keep in mind to use microwave-safe containers like glass, ceramic, or microwave-safe plastic to avoid accidents.

6. Maintain Cleanliness Of Your Microwave

One of the most important things in microwave oven how to use them, is to properly clean your microwave oven after each use and cooking. Maintaining cleanliness within the interiors as well as exteriors of your microwave oven will keep the product as it was when you bought it and will also keep it safe from stains of spilled food.

You can use a wet cloth to clean down the spilled food, specks of dirt, or debris inside your microwave oven. Also, always remember to unplug the microwave before cleaning.

Here we have noted down all the important tips on how to use microwave oven for the first time for you as a first-time buyer. 

If you still face any problems, you can contact us at our website of Krodovia.

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Frequently Asked Questions -

Q1) Is Microwave cooked food healthy?

The microwave-cooked food is healthy as the food is cooked at a definite temperature and on a clean platform.

Q2) How do you use a microwave for beginners?

As a first-time user, you should follow the instructions in the manual and understand the different features and buttons of the microwave for different modes of cooking.

Q3) Do you need to do anything to microwave before first use?

The answer to this is yes, you need to give a trial check to your microwave before using it regularly to ensure safety.

Q4) What are the 5 rules for using a microwave oven?

The five rules for using a microwave oven are mentioned below.

  • Read the manual 
  • Check electric sockets and plugs
  • Keep your product on a flat surface with good ventilation
  • Use microwave-proof containers while cooking
  • Clean your microwave after each use.

Q5) How does a microwave oven work step by step?

The step-by-step usage of the microwave is given below.

  • Put the plug of the microwave in the electric socket and switch on the power supply
  • Clean the interior before keeping your food container inside the microwave oven
  • Close the door of the microwave and set the desired mode of cooking
  • Set the timer for cooking as you need
  • Let the food rest for some time inside the microwave
  • Take out the food container using heat-proof gloves 
  • Switch off the power supply and take off the plug of the microwave.
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