Electric grills are quite making hype in the market and are widely used nowadays. There are various advantages and benefits to using an electric grill. The first one is that the grill won’t fill the room with smoke but will still give an amazing taste to the meat, fish, or any vegetable you place on the grate. Grilling is a really fun activity and the taste of grilled food is just unexplainable. But if you want to keep your electric grill working properly and give a delicious flavour to the food, it is important to keep the grill clean. By keeping the grill clean and well-maintained, one can also make it work longer and more effectively. If you want to know how to clean electric grill with the best kitchen appliances distributor, we are here to help you out.

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How to Keep Electric Grills Clean

The more one uses the electric grill, the more it gets dirty and greasy. Depending on the frequency of the electric grill, it gets greasy quite quickly. Because of this reason, it is important to clean the electric grill frequently, not only for sanitation purposes but also to keep it from affecting the savouring flavour of grilled food. One can clean the electric grill with effective tips from Kolkata's top kitchen appliances provider.

Shut Down the Grill

It is important to clean the grill after every use so that it can work properly and lasts longer. First of all, shut down the grill and unplug it. Let the electric grill cool for a while before starting to clean it. According to the best kitchen appliances supplier, it is best if one cleans it sometime after use when it is still a bit warm. It not only helps to clean the unit effectively but also ensures safety.

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Scrape Off the Leftovers

Use a rubber spatula to scrape off the leftover food bits from the grill plate. The spatula usually comes with an electric grill, but the user can also use ordinary ones. The top online appliances distributor suggests not scraping the grill plate with the scouring pad as it can damage the grill's non-stick layer, which further affects its effective functioning.

Wash It Out

After scraping the leftovers, now comes the washing part. As per the top electric grill provider, one needs to clean the removable parts of the electric grill with a sponge and dish soap. If the grill is non-removable, simply just clean it with a wet sponge with a little bit of dish soap. Make sure that you have not removed the dish tray while cleaning the grill. After washing the grill, remove the drip tray and empty it. Now clean the drip tray thoroughly with a sponge and soap.

Dry the Electric Grill

Once the grill and drip tray are washed thoroughly and squeaky clean, dry them with a cloth or paper towel. Make sure that the components are completely dry before putting them back into the grill. It is advised to wipe the lid off the electric grill with a damp cloth. Don’t submerge it in water and only use soft rags to clean it.

If you want to make your grill last longer and don’t spoil the taste of grilled food, it is important to know how to clean electric grill with the best kitchen appliances distributor. Make sure to clean the electric grill after every use or at least 2-3 times after using it.