Dehumidifiers For Seed Preservation And Storage: Is It An Urgent Need? 

It is very often that huge amounts of farming crops and seeds go to waste due to improper regulation of humidity. This not only makes the farmers and manufacturers suffer at large. However, it also disrupts the agriculture market. This is where dehumidifiers for seed preservation help control moisture content and keep the seeds fresh and in optimal condition. So, continue reading this blog to know the importance of the best dehumidifier in India for seed preservation and germination.

Dehumidifiers For Seed Preservation And Storage: Is It An Urgent Need: Blog Poster

Why Dehumidifiers For Seed Preservation Is Important?

Are you a professional farmer or a gardener by profession? 

If you are, then, you are in the right spot looking for ways to increase the lifespan of your little seeds. As the best dehumidifier supplier, we know how difficult it must be for you to preserve and store your seeds for consumption or further processing needs. 

While, the primary problems in the storage facilities of the seeds remain protecting and storing seeds. From insects, high humidity, and moisture levels. But, it becomes difficult, when the seeds lose their germination potential due to various factors. 

So, what can be the solution to this devastating problem? 🤔

Well, our White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers are indispensable for maintaining relative humidity levels in the storage of the seeds.

These effects can deteriorate the seed storage condition due to improper humidity -

  • Loss of seed viability
  • Suffers from discoloration
  • Produces more toxins that reduce the shelf life and,
  • Growth of molds and mildew.

Thus, by effectively managing humidity control. A dehumidifier saves the crops from further deterioration. Let us now look at a few of the benefits of dehumidifiers for seed preservation. 

Pic of White Westinghouse industrial dehumidifier

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How Can Dehumidifiers Help In Seed Storage And Humidity Control?

1. Provides Enhanced Moisture Levels

The ideal moisture levels to preserve seeds are 5% to 8% RH. Any moisture beyond this level can harm the longevity of the stored seeds. That is why, a dehumidifier helps maintain the moisture levels in the storage facilities. By extracting extra moisture out of the air. 

In other words, this helps in reducing the decay and spoilage rate of the stored seeds.

2. Protects From Mold And Mildew Attacks

High humidity in cold storage is often an issue that provides a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. Like molds, mildew, and bacteria that lead to the destruction of seeds.

Thus, dehumidification safeguards the integrity of the stored seeds. By preventing the growth rates of harmful bacteria. 

3. Preserves The Viability of Stored Seeds

Long-term storage of seeds can lead to seed drying. Due to climatic factors or aging which can lead the seeds to lose their viability over time. 

But, a dehumidifier can control proper humidity and moisture control. Which can reduce the aging rate of these seeds. Therefore, keeping them fresh and preserving the genetic integrity of the seeds for an extended period. 

4. Enhances Shelf Life Of The Seeds

Do you face the problem of seed wastage in your storage facility?

Well, that can be a result of the amount of moisture present in your storage warehouse. This is where an industrial dehumidifier helps preserve the quality and storability of the seeds by minimizing moisture regain in the seed's storage. 

Thus, increasing the storage shelf life while minimizing seed degradation over the longest time. 

5. Increases Germination Rates Of The Seeds

Seeds stored at low temperatures and humidity exhibit robust germination rates, which helps farmers and gardeners to grow high-yielding crops. That is why, a dehumidifier is the best solution to control lower moisture levels for the seeds in the storage units.

6. Protects Against Climatic Fluctuations

Stored seeds need stable environmental conditions to thrive in, which often becomes difficult due to fluctuations in temperature and weather. 

Thus, dehumidifiers for seed preservation help to stabilize the climatic changes throughout the year, reducing the chance of seed spoilage. 

Pic of different seeds and spices

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Dehumidifiers are a practical and cost-effective solution for seed preservation, mitigating the challenges of high humidity. So, dehumidifiers for seed preservation are your genuine option if you want to increase seed viability and food security. 

Do not forget to check out our range of dehumidifiers on our website, suitable for both commercial and industrial uses.

Invest In White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers For Preserving Seeds Optimally!

Ensuring longevity of different types of seeds

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