The days of the microwave oven being primarily a reheating appliance are gone. Modern technology has allowed microwave ovens to do more than just heating up food. The microwave oven can dramatically change the cooking environment. It doesn't take up too much space.


You will find a wide variety of types and sizes, as well as other technical features when you go to buy a microwave oven from the top kitchen appliances distributor in Kolkata. Although the decision of whether or not you need a microwave oven is easy, it can be difficult to navigate the many options that are available. Here's a guide to help you decide what your needs are and how to purchase a microwave oven.


Types of Microwave Ovens

Solo Microwave Oven

The standard microwave-only model, the Solo microwave oven, is ideal for heating food, defrosting frozen foods, and cooking ready meals.

Grill Microwave Oven

The Solo microwave oven has the same basic features, but the Grill microwave oven adds a grilling option. Many grill microwave ovens can be used to cook in a variety of ways.

Convection Microwave Oven

To cook food evenly, this oven uses an internal fan and a heating element. These ovens can be used to bake bread, chicken roasts, and other baking tasks. This oven offers a variety of functions, including defrost and heat, roast, brown crisp, bake, and Food Cook menu.


The average microwave's lifespan is 9. It is important that you choose a microwave that lasts as long as you can. Make sure to check out any reviews about the model you are considering from the best kitchen appliances provider. You will likely replace the microwave within a few years. Therefore, it may be more sensible to consider other features rather than durability.

Kitchen Size Matters

The multifunctional appliance is available in a range of sizes, from.5 to 1.5 cubic feet. First, measure the space in your kitchen and what you will be using it for. Before you buy new dinner plates for your home, measure your current favorite dinner plates.


Power Capacity

Your microwave's wattage will determine how efficient it is. A full-size or mid-sized microwave is required if you plan to cook more than popcorn and bake potatoes. A larger model will be required to cook a complete meal and require more power. Full-sized ovens have 1000-1600 watts of power, while a mid-size oven has 800-1000 watts. According to top online appliances distributor, a less powerful microwave is sufficient if you live with friends and your food needs are limited to 1-2 people.

Size of Microwave Oven

A capacity is another important factor to consider when buying a microwave from the best microwave oven supplier. It is measured in liters and indicates how much food you can cook in one sitting. Are you a bachelor? Are you married with children? These questions will help you choose the right size and style of the microwave oven. Your family's size and needs will determine the ideal microwave oven capacity. Bajaj microwave ovens are available in different capacities depending on your needs.

You shouldn't miss out on any additional features

These microwave ovens offer many features that simplify the cooking process. It is important to be familiar with the essential features of a microwave oven before purchasing one. An 'Auto Cook' feature can prove to be very helpful for novice cooks. You don't have to adjust the time or power settings. All you have to do is select a dish from an auto-cook menu and hit the start button. Microwave ovens come with a child lock feature that allows you to set a password and unlock the microwave to ensure a stress-free cooking experience.


It's worth spending some time to find the right microwave oven for you and your family. Bajaj Microwave oven simplifies cooking and reduces time in the kitchen. Bajaj Microwave ovens include Smart Cook Menu options that make cooking easy and a Child Lock safety feature.