Wine and aging go hand in glove. The longer the wine ages, the better it tastes. An old wine helps you experience an era bygone or maybe a special occasion in your life, your birthday, marriage anniversary and so on, let alone the unique flavour and texture your taste buds enjoy. While wines improve with age, they can also downgrade in quality if they are not kept in controlled conditions. Wine coolers and wine cellars play an important part in storing the wines at just the right condition.

Storage of wine:

Commercially wines are stored for ageing in underground wine caves and large wine cellars. But if you are passionate about your prized collection of rare wines you often indulge in at your home with friends and family, you can own a personal wine chiller at your home from the best wine cooler supplier in India.

With the increasing number of wine connoisseurs, these personal wine coolers in India (sometimes called wine chillers) are in great demand even though the number of brands catering to this niche is somewhat limited in the Indian market. Before delving deeper into the topic, let’s first take a look at the conditions that affect the health of wine.

Factors affecting wine:

Some of the climatic factors that affect the health of wine the most are temperature, humidity and light. Wines are best kept at 10-15 degree Celsius temperature, away from direct sunlight or incandescent lights and vibration, and in controlled humid condition. Adequate level of humidity (apprx. 60-70%) is important in storage of wine, which is why refrigerators should not be used for this purpose as the refrigeration process involves dehumidification which can subsequently spoil the wine.

What to look for in a Wine Cooler:

Buying a wine chiller is a considerable amount of investment. It makes sense to do some research before you either buy wine cooler online or offline from best wine cooler provider in India. Following are the key pointers to be kept in mind:

    • Storage Capacity:
      Even though you are going to shop wine cellar for personal use, depending on your passion for collection of wines, it is better to go for a wine cellar or wine cabinet with larger capacity. This always leaves enough room for you to extend your collection of exclusive wines further. Say, if you currently need to store 20 bottles of wine, it is future-proof to look for a wine chiller with capacity of around 30 bottles.
    • Temperature Control:
      In most cases, a single zone wine cooler is enough for your personal collection of wine, especially, if you have just started out with your wine collection or if you do not want to invest heavily or if you just want to keep things simple.

      On the contrary, if you have been collecting wine for quite some time and you have enough knowledge about various types of wines and the different temperatures they are to be kept at, you might want to go for dual zone wine coolers. It is noteworthy here that different temperatures suit different types of wine.

      For instance, red wines and their white counterparts have different preferences when it comes to ideal temperature for storage. Dual zone wine chillers in India are comparatively costly, but are better choice than their single zone counterparts for a seasoned wine connoisseur.
    • Humidity Control:
      The level of humidity in the cooler determines how long wines can be stored. Most wine coolers maintain a humidity level of about 30% and do not have humidity control feature. If you want to store wines for a long term, you may want to opt for a costly model that allows you to control and maintain humidity at around 60-70%.
  • Storage Shelves:
    While most wine chillers come with wire shelves, some wine chillers offer wooden shelves. Contrary to wire shelves, wooden shelves look classy and reduce the chances of accidentally scratching the glass door. However, wire shelves are easier to maintain. To prevent the cork from drying out and preserve humidity, wine bottles are generally stored on their sides. Thus, it is good to opt for wine cellars that facilitate storage of bottles that way.

    Besides, sliding shelves are quite popular with consumers because of the convenience they offer. Needless to say, removable shelves offer you the flexibility of easy cleaning and also help you make room for some of the larger bottles.

Available Options of Wine Coolers in India:

Available wine coolers in India can vary in terms of size, depending on the number of wine bottles they can store. There are wine chillers/ coolers with capacity to store around 10 to more than 50 bottles. These cost somewhere around Rs.40000/- to Rs.200000/- or even more. Nonetheless, buying the right wine cooler for your wine collections largely depends on your specific requirement, the space available in the room, the amount of investment you wish to make and so on. Go ahead, weigh the pros and cons and choose a premium quality wine cooler that befits your prized collection of exotic wines