While doing laundry, all the dirt that disappears from clothes, towels, and sheets has to go somewhere, right? All this dirt and dust from the clothes can build up inside the washing machine over time. Without regular cleaning, the washing machine might also harbor leftover detergent, froth depositing, and mold around the lid. This can leave a residue on the laundry process or cause the items to come out from the wash with a pungent smell. To ensure the safety and freshness of your clothes, it is important to wash the washing machine once a week. To effectively wash the washing machine, you should know washing machine cleaning tips from the best appliances distributor. If you don’t clean your washing machine, then you should start doing so. The washer is designed to clean your clothes, so if you don’t clean it properly, how does it supposed to perform its tasks? It could be depositing all kinds of mold, germs, and bacteria in the process of cleaning, so we can say goodbye to the cottony soft fragrance.

Effective Tips to Clean the Washing Machine

If your washing machine smells worse than that sweaty workout shirt, then it is high time to give your washing machine a good cleaning. Yes, even washing machines get dirty and they need proper care to work efficiently. Don’t worry; the process of cleaning the washing machine is not that troublesome. The top home appliances supplier in Kolkata got everything covered to help you to clean your washing machine properly.

Clean the Washing Machine with Hot Water

The first and most basic thing to know about cleaning the washing machine is that very hot water can solve almost all of your problems. The hot water will help you to remove all the bacteria and germs from your washing and make it safer to use. So, in case, if you have never cleaned your washing machine, just pop it on the hottest cycle available in the model without clothes in it. The best home appliances distributor suggested using a bit of washing machine cleaner to get rid of the foul smell.

Clean the Detergent Drawer of the Washing Machine

Remove the detergent drawer at the front of the machine or you can check the washing machine manual for detailed instructions. Mix the water with some detergent and soak the drawer in the solution. With the help of the old toothbrush, scrub away the soap residue and mold building on the detergent drawer. After cleaning, rinse it thoroughly and dry the gadget with a dry towel. It is important to clean out the cavity as there might be some hidden residuals too. One should also know about the laundry mistakes to avoid with the top appliances distributor.

Clean Rubber Seals of Washing Machine

Just like the detergent drawer of the washing machine, it is important to clean the rubber seals of the washing machine. The rubber seals of the washing machine can also form mold and mildew and one can also find the remnants of clothes fibers and hair there. Use a damp cotton cloth with soapy water and wipe around the rubber seals of the washing machine. Be careful when you lift the rubber seals from the metal as there may be the chances of accidentally ripping or unsealing them. Wipe any residue stuck to the seal where possible and make your washing machine as good as new.

The washing machine is one of the most useful appliances in today’s home and it is important to take care of them properly. So, clean your washing machine frequently and know washing machine cleaning tips with the best appliances distributor and get the best out of the appliance.