People living in big cities are surely aware of the dust, smoke, and other signs of pollution and feel much safer at home. But, the air quality inside the house is not even safe for the people. According to research, indoor air quality is one of the top environmental risks to public health. To avoid the problem, one should buy air purifiers. The air purifiers make sure that all the harmful particles in the air get eliminated with the HEPA filter. HEPA filters are used to remove particles like dust, allergens, and mold spores from the air and improve the air quality of the home. But over time, after all the cleaning of the impurities, the filters get clogged with debris and the filters lose their efficiency. If one will not pay any attention to the HEPA filters, they will begin to release pollutants trapped on the surface back into the air and cause poor air quality. It is quite expensive to change the filter instead one can know about some tips to clean HEPA filter with the top air purifier supplier. Before cleaning the HEPA filter on its own, it is important to check the manual guide if it can be cleaned or not.

How to Clean HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter varies in a different air purifier and is available in numerous types including disposable, washable, or permanent. Reusable HEPA filters are easy to maintain and clean but one thing to keep in mind is that the permanent HEPA filter isn’t washable. In fact, if you wash a permanent HEPA filter, it will ruin it and break the appliance. The best air purifier supplier in Kolkata recommends checking the manual guide before washing it. The procedure to clean a permanent HEPA filter is different from other filters.

Remove Filter

Air purifiers generally have permanent HEPA filters and can’t be washed as they can damage the filter. That’s why the permanent filters are cleaned without using water. Before removing the filters, cover the floor with plastic or old newspaper to avoid messing up things. It is because the HEPA filters and the pre-filters can have a considerable amount of dust and dirt. The best online home appliance supplier advised starting with turning off the appliance and unplugging it for safe removal of the filters. If you are not sure how to remove the filters refer to the manual or seek the professional’s help.

Clean the Pre-Filters

Permanent HEPA filters usually come with a pre-filter and an activated carbon filter. These filters should be removed and cleaned as well for the effective performance of the air purifier. The pre-filter can be rinsed with water. Clean the pre-filters with water until the water runs clear. The fine wire filters should be cleaned gently with a soft-bristled brush or one can use the sponge to wipe both sides of the filter. The activated charcoal filter should be vacuumed gently to remove dust and dirt. Clean both the sides with the vacuum using horizontal motions. If the carbon filter smells bad, then one can leave it in direct sunlight for an hour or two. The top online home appliances distributor always suggests you go through the manual before washing any filters.

Vacuum the HEPA Filter

Once the pre-filters are cleaned and dried, pay attention to the permanent HEPA filter. To clean the HEPA filter, use a handheld vacuum for better results. The best home appliances supplier advises using a nozzle or soft brush attachment when cleaning the filter. It will prevent damage caused by the vacuum. Vacuum using horizontal motions and keep doing until all the dirt and debris are gone. Be gentle when you vacuum the HEPA filter and don’t push the attachment into the filter. Set the vacuum to a stronger suction so that the deeply embedded dirt can be removed.


Once the permanent HEPA filter and pre-filters get cleaned, it’s time to put everything back carefully. Reassemble by putting the HEPA filter first, then activated charcoal filter, and at last pre-filter. If the pre-filters are still wet, leave them to dry. The best home appliances supplier in Kolkata suggested covering the HEPA filter with plastic so it will stay clean while others dry.

Everyone wants to live in a healthy and clean environment, at least in the comfort of their home. But sometimes the air purifier doesn’t seem to work effectively because of the dust in the filters. That’s why it becomes important to know about the tips to clean HEPA filter from the top air purifier supplier. The HEPA filter should be cleaned gently using a vacuum cleaner to suck away dust and debris from the surface of the filter. Keep one thing in mind that the water can ruin the HEPA filter, so avoid using water.