So, you have bought some wines home and aren’t planning on drinking right away? What are you gonna do now? Well, one of the greatest pleasures of learning and enjoying wine is curating a wine collection that perfectly serves your preferences and taste. But choosing and buying wines are only part of the process; the major thing is to store them efficiently. When preserved properly, wine can even last for decades while maintaining its savory taste, and growing in value and quality. But if you don’t store the wine properly, it can spoil even the greatest of wines in the world. To keep your love of wine more passionate, here are some tips for placing wine with the top wine cooler supplier.

Tips to Store Wine Proficiently

Believe it or not, there is surely a right way for storing wine at home which helps to keep the wine safe and age properly. Wine is a delicate thing. Even though we may slosh it in the glasses on some occasion, while it’s in the bottle, plenty of things can change which can affect the flavor of the wine. So, if you want to retain that amazing flavor of your favorite wine at family dinner, the best wine cooler supplier in India will help you out.

Store Wine at the Right Temperature

Of all the factors which influence the quality of stored wine, the temperature is the most important one. Unsuitably warm or cold temperatures can spoil the wine and make it tasteless. The best wine cooler distributor in India suggests that the ideal temperature to store wine is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but can vary as per the type of wine. Despite this, wine should never be kept below 25 degrees Fahrenheit as the temperature can cause the wine to freeze not store the wine above 68 degrees Fahrenheit as it can accelerate the aging process and spoil the wine. Most importantly it is important to keep the wine at a consistent temperature and the wine cooler is the best way to do so.

Store Wine Bottles Horizontally

It is important to store the wine bottles horizontally in the wine cooler. Keeping wine horizontally keeps the cork moist which can help to store the wine on a long-term basis as the dry cork can cause seepage and premature aging. While it is not necessary to keep the screw-top wine bottles on the sides, horizontal storage is proved to be more efficient.

Protect Wine from Light and Vibration

Whether you are storing your wine for months or just for a few days, it is important to keep the wine in dark places. Direct UV rays can damage the wine’s flavor and aroma. The same goes with the sound and vibration and it is also important to keep the wine away from vibrations such as washer and dryer, exercise area, or stereo system. Vibrations and sounds can disturb the sediments in the bottle and further interrupt its aging process.

Store it in Wine Cooler

If you are wondering about a space that’s consistently cool, dark, and moist, you should consider having the wine cooler from the top online wine cooler supplier. Unlike a standard refrigerator, which keeps the food cold and dry, a wine cooler helps the user to keep the wine at the optimum temperature and at the proper humidity.

Whether you have got 5 bottles of wine or 50, you probably don’t want your wine to go bad or the compromised taste. When preserved correctly, wine can make any occasion fun. You can also make your wine last longer with the tips for placing wine with the top wine cooler supplier.