While most people are quite apprehensive about the use of electric grills, it is a healthier and more accessible alternative to enjoy barbecue dinner. In addition, the best part of using an electric grill is that even the bad weather can’t ruin your chances of enjoying some barbecue delicacies because you can use the grills indoors as well. Grilling a steak outdoors often not comes in handy, either because of the bad weather or there is simply no place to set up the grill. For this situation, an indoor grill with its electric heating elements is the best alternative. To enjoy the perfectly delicious steak, it is important to know more about the steak cooking tips on the electric grill from the best kitchen appliance provider. However, indoor grills don’t offer the blast of intense heat like that of the outdoor one, but they still can promise the delicious steak on your plate.

How to Cook Steak on Electric Grill

Without any doubt, the thought of a thick, sizzling grill with delectable flavour can make the mouths of several people water. A good steak can prove to be the star of the table, regarding the occasion if you know how to prepare it. The fastest and easiest way to prepare steak at home is to grill it and for that, an electric grill is the best option for you. It is recommendable to learn some of the grilling tips from the best kitchen appliance provider in Kolkata and rock the kitchen with the updated techniques. Well, here are the ways to cook steak on an electric grill.

Prepare the Steak for Grilling

The effective grilling of steak needs thorough preparation. It is the key to make sure that the steak is perfectly and efficiently cooked. Seasoning methods can differ depending on the cut of meat you are going to grill. If you are going to grill some softer parts of the meat on the electric grill, just sprinkle some salt, pepper, and apply some oil on the meat. According to the best kitchen appliance provider, the tougher parts of the steak need to marinate for 2-4 hours in the refrigerator before grilling them on an electric grill. Keep in mind that cutting the steak too thin is not a good idea so make sure to cut it a little bit thicker.

Preheat the Grill

The best electric grill provider in Kolkata recommends that the grill should always be preheated for about 20 minutes before grilling steak on it. The consumer can wait until the red ready light of the electric grill gives the alert. On the contrary, take out the steak from the refrigerator and put it at room temperature for few minutes. This can help the steak to be thoroughly cooked. Try to avoid leaving the steak for too long.

Grill the Steak

Here comes the fun part, cooking the steak on an electric grill. Grilling the steak solely depends on how you want to prepare it. As per the recommendation of a top electric grill provider, if you want a medium-rare steak, then you should grill your steak for about 5 minutes. Flip your steak at least once for the perfect cooking of the steak and it also helps in avoiding the risk of burning the steak. It is advisable to check the steak in between the cooking process to check if it is thoroughly cooked.

Let the Steak Rest

It is recommended by the top online kitchen appliance provider to rest the steak rest for a while once it is off the grill. Most of the people do the process to give the steak more flavours. All you need to do is to wrap the steak in loose aluminium foil to ensure it doesn’t get cold. After few minutes, you can savour your deliciously grilled steak without any worries.

Eating a steak that has been perfectly grilled is something that every non-veg lover wants to cherish. As much as you love to savour it, it is also important to keep steak cooking tips on the electric grill from the best kitchen appliances provider in mind.