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Refrigerator Buying Guide - Know the Refrigerator types Before buying in India

Refrigerator Buying Guide - Know the Refrigerator types Before buying in India

Refrigerators are now an integral part of our kitchen in India. It once used to be considered as a boxy sort of thing that takes up a lot of kitchen space. But that perception has long ceased to exist. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, home appliance companies are coming up with refrigerator models that offer features beyond simple chilling and fit into the interiors of your kitchen seamlessly.

With so many varieties in refrigerator models available in India, it could be an uphill task for a consumer looking to buy his/her new fridge. Just in case you’re planning to buy refrigerator online and are searching for information to help you pick the right model for your home, the following pointers will help you along.

There are various types of refrigerators available in India. However, the following types are the common ones:


These refrigerators use the convectional cooling process within the fridge compartment. These are regular types and affordably priced in Indian. The freezer chamber is contained within the fridge compartment. One downside of a direct cool fridge is the occasional formation of ice outside of freezer. You often have to defrost manually. However, some latest models now offer auto-defrost technology.


Frost-free refrigerators maintain a uniform temperature throughout the fridge compartment using fans to circulate the cool air within. This eliminates the possibility of ice formation outside of freezer. You are also saved from the hassle of manually defrosting the fridge from time to time. These frost free refrigerators are quite popular in India.


If you’re tight on your budget or have a very small family or the space available in your kitchen is very limited, the compact design of a single door refrigerator could just be the answer to your need. These fridges contain the freezer and the vegetable compartment within the refrigerator. This takes up the valuable inner space though. The capacity generally goes up to not more than 200L. These fridges are economical and hence widely sold in Indian market.


Double door refrigerators as the name suggests, comprises of two separate compartments: one for the freezer and the other for the fridge. What this implies is a constant temperature is maintained within, irrespective of how often you open the door of the fridge. This type of refrigerators offers you more space and are also more efficient when it comes to energy conservation than their single door counterparts.


When it comes to double door fridges, it is the top freezer models that you’d often come across in most kitchens. The freezer is located at the top. So if you always have ice-creams in store for your kids or you use ice or frozen food often, you will love this model. However, you may have to bend your knees to get access to the vegetable crispers. But that should not discourage you from buying a refrigerator with top freezer as this type of models are best known for energy efficiency and save around 20% less energy than their bottom freezer counterparts.


As the name suggests, the freezer part is positioned at the bottom and the storage part lies on top of it. This makes it convenient for the users as they do not have to bend every time they want to put fruits, vegetables etc. in the refrigerator. The freezer is generally less frequently used for domestic purpose and hence it does not really hurt much if you have to bend just a few times to use the freezer. The design looks quite modern.


These fridges have two separate doors – one for the freezer and the other for the fridge - positioned side-by-side and they usually come in large size with capacity being as high as 800 litres. The large capacity ensures you have plenty of storage space for a large Indian family. While you open one door the other half remains closed helping conserve much of the energy. These types of fridges often come with extra features like a separate water of ice dispensing facility that can be used without having to open the doors of the refrigerator.


French door refrigerators are the latest innovation in refrigerator designs. They too have two side by side doors opening outward. However, unlike a side-by-side door refrigerator, these doors both give access to the fresh food compartment i.e. the fridge. The freezer is located at the bottom in a separate compartment. This means you can have easy access to the fresh food compartment without bending. The split doors not only offer huge space but also ensure energy is conserved by allowing you to open only a part of the fridge compartment while leaving the other half closed.


These are quite handy for office, store or small kitchen as they are quite small in size. While on one hand, this implies that mini refrigerators are easily movable, on the other, it means the capacity is pretty much limited. These can primarily be used to store beverages or snacks on a temporary basis. Because of their limited capacity, the mini fridges are available at reasonably low price in Indian market.

With so many types of refrigerators available in India, it is easy to get confused. But once you take into account things like how you are going to use the fridge, your budget, the space available in your kitchen, no. of members in your family, energy-efficiency of the appliance and other related factors before you actually buy refrigerator online, you can make your decision at ease.

White Westinghouse, the American home appliance company with presence across the globe, offers premium quality fridges at reasonable price. If you are interested in buying an imported refrigerator in India that offers best in class service and are widely sold across continents, you may check the following link and see which White Westinghouse refrigerator model best fits your needs and budget.

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