When it comes to refrigerators with ice and water dispensing features, it is only normal that they face failure from time to time. But still, it is confusing and frustrating to know about the reasons why refrigerator dispenser is not working from top appliances provider. It is quite bothering when the same refrigerator can make ice but somehow fails to dispense water. Nowadays, the most modern refrigerator has come up with a water dispenser so that the consumer doesn’t have to open and close the refrigerator every time to get a glass of water. Modern refrigerators tend to develop technical glitches and dispensers are no exception.

Reasons Why Refrigerator Dispenser is Not Working

Doubtlessly, water dispensers are proved to be one of the most convenient features of the modern-day refrigerator. But it becomes inconvenient when the water dispenser in the refrigerator stops working. According to the best kitchen appliances provider in Kolkata, there are various reasons which result in the water dispenser stopping working effectively. Take a look at the things for determining the root of the problem.

Frozen Water Supply Tube

The former reason the water dispenser may have stopped working is due to the frozen water supply tube. It is a common problem in the side-by-side refrigerator as the tube which connects the water supply to the water dispenser gets frozen due to improper temperatures. If this is the issue, it can be easily resolved with the top online appliances supplier. The temperature of the freezer should be maintained between 0 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature of the freezer is set too cold, the waterline may freeze.

Water Inlet Valve

The water dispenser in the refrigerator is supplied by the opening of the water inlet valve. There are basically two reasons that the valve usually stopped working effectively. The first reason is if the water pressure is too low and the second one is if it is defective. According to the top refrigerator model provider, for the valve to function properly, the water pressure should be at least 20 psi. The psi stands for pounds per square inch which are used to measure the water pressure. If the water pressure is not the issue, then it is advised to check the continuity of the valve using a multimeter tool. If the water inlet valve doesn’t have continuity, it is time to replace it.

Low Water Pressure

Another common reason that the refrigerator dispenser is not working is because of the low water pressure. As mentioned, the water inlet valve needs a minimum of 20 psi to function properly. As per the top kitchen appliances distributor, insufficient water flow can be caused by the standard plumbing or dust or debris build-up in the pipes. It can further lead to different fixtures from being supplied needed to function effectively.

Clogged Water Filter

The top kitchen appliances distributor suggests replacing the water filter every six months. If you can’t remember when the last time you changed the water filter was, then probably it is the best time to do this. The water filter can get clogged over time which causes the water flow to be disrupted and prevent the water dispenser from functioning properly.

Refrigerators are not always perfect and sometimes it becomes more than important to know about the reasons why refrigerator dispenser is not working from the top appliances provider.