The normal operations of the refrigerator can result in some sound. Some of the sound that one can commonly hear from the appliance is clicking or tic-toc sound. While running, it is normal for the refrigerator to make noise, but the sound should be rather uninterrupted humming noise that doesn’t interfere with the other activities. When the refrigerator is making the soft humming sound that is the sound of the cool air being produced and circulated. Normally, the refrigerator noise is quite low and doesn’t interrupt the daily activities of the consumer. In some newer models, the user can only hear the noise when the door is open. However, if you think that your refrigerator is making more frequent and louder abnormal noises, then there can be numerous causes associated with it. Before getting any wrong ideas it is important to know about the reasons for the noisy refrigerator from best kitchen appliances provider and save some efforts and time.

Reasons for Refrigerator Noises

Do you most of the time get alarmed by the unusual noises made by your refrigerator? Fret not, all the refrigerators can sometimes make noises and most of these are normal don’t need a service call. However, the refrigerator noise can have other issues such as heat emanating from the refrigerator, malfunctioned ice-maker, or improper cooling; and in that case, the refrigerator needs to be diagnosed further and seek professional help. The best kitchen appliance provider provides the common reasons for the noisy refrigerator.

The Refrigerator isn’t Level

If you notice a clunking sound louder than the normal humming sound, it could be because the refrigerator is not on the level. The refrigerator has adjustable legs and sometimes they can fall out of place. When this happens, the slight motion of the appliance can cause it to move which can cause the excess noise of the refrigerator. The top kitchen appliances supplier in Kolkata advised to check the refrigerator level with a spirit level and adjust the legs accordingly.

Item is touching the Refrigerator Walls

Typically, it is the most innocent reason for the abnormal noise of the refrigerator and can be easily fixed. If you have solid items such as jars and bowls in the refrigerator, there might be the chance that they are pressing against the walls of the refrigerator. Due to this reason, the normal vibration of the refrigerator can cause a clattering sound. The best kitchen appliances provider recommended keeping the solid items away from the refrigerator walls.

Fan Blade Damage or Blockage

If you listen closely to the refrigerator, you should be precisely able to determine where the sound is coming from. If the sound is coming from closest to the vent located between the freezer and the fresh food section, then most likely the issue lies in the fan or the motor. The only way to check the issue is to do it physically. Sometimes the fan is either bent or dirty, which needs to be fixed for the efficient working of the best refrigerator model. However, if there are no issues with the fan blade then the noise is coming from the motor.

Sometimes, the problem is not that big as we think. The refrigerator makes various types of noises because of its operations. Know about the reasons for noisy refrigerators from the best kitchen appliances provider and get the best out of your refrigerator.