Microwave ovens are now a necessity in the kitchen. Gone are the days when you had to light up the oven to boil a kettle-full of water to prepare a single cup of tea. With the help of a microwave oven you can now boil a cup of tea, warm up your food or even cook delicious dishes without having to waste much of your time or energy. This is just a few instances of what micro ovens can do. Of course, there are various other tasks that you can do with it, like you can bake, grill, roast etc.


If you are planning to buy a microwave in India for the first time and are researching on the internet, chances are you will be perplexed to see the myriad microwave types available in the market. But a little knowledge about the basic micro oven types surely helps you shop online for microwave ovens with confidence. Let’s take a look at the various options available in the market in India.

Microwave Oven Types:

In terms of where it is placed, a micro oven can be of the following types:

    • Counter-top Microwave:
      These types of microwaves are very popular and are widely purchased. They are generally good for light cooking tasks like thawing frozen food, preparing pop-corn or reheating cold food. Counter top microwaves may take up much of the space in your kitchen. Nevertheless, they are portable. These come in affordable prices and can be easily installed.
    • Above the range/ Over the range Microwave:
      These microwaves, as the name suggests, are installed above the kitchen range. They take up relatively small space in the kitchen and do the combined job of two appliances. On one hand, the above the range microwave ovens cook food and, on the other, they help in venting out steam and filter smoke from stove-top. Since these models are installed over the stove, their installation can be a little tricky. Some advanced models even have exhaust fans that turn on automatically protecting the microwave from overheating.
    • Built-in Microwave:
      These models help save a lot of space in your kitchen. They are, as the name indicates, installed or rather built into the wall or cabinetry. These are sleek in design and fits well into your modular kitchen’s design aesthetically. If you want a microwave with large interior capacity, but are concerned about narrow counter space, a built in model could well be the perfect solution for you. The installation process is however complex and costly. Thus, it is imperative that you opt for such a model when you are either designing your kitchen for the first time or revamping an existing one.

In terms of the way microwaves’ heating process work, they can primarily be two different types:

Regular/Conventional Microwave:

This type of models emits microwaves which react with the water molecules present in the food, heating it up to the temperature of boiling point. This is good primarily for occasional heating of food and beverages. But it will not help you cook crispy food.

Convection Microwave:

These microwaves make use of both microwave technology and fans for an overall cooking. The microwave technology heats up the food and the fan circulates the heated air so that the heat is distributed uniformly and the food is cooked thoroughly. As a result you get food which is a lot crispy and brown. You can even bake, grill or roast using microwaves with convection. Thus, with convection microwave ovens, you cannot only reheat your frozen or left-over food but also cook an entire meal for your friends and family.

Now that you are armed with the information about the various types of microwaves and the differences between them, you can now buy best microwave oven online with confidence and ease. If you are worried about what features to look for in a microwave prior to buying, stay tuned. We will be publishing a related article on our blog to help you make your choice even more efficiently.