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Dehumidifiers Uses: Dehumidifier For Industrial & Commercial Use in India

Dehumidifiers Uses: Dehumidifier For Industrial & Commercial Use in India

A dehumidifier is a useful appliance when it comes to removing excess moisture from air within a small or large room, or even an entire building. In countries located around the equator like India, where summer is the predominant season and there’s excessive moisture in the air causing sweat and discomfort, a dehumidifier is almost a necessity in every household. However, besides domestic uses, dehumidifiers for commercial and industrial use in India often find application in various industries on a large scale. Listed below are some of these industries where dehumidifiers are mostly used.


As far as leather is concerned, moisture is perhaps its biggest enemy. Leather is highly hygroscopic i.e. it is prone to absorbing moisture from air at every stage of processing. Excessive moisture allows microbes like fungi, bacteria to propagate causing decomposition in the leather. As a result the product degrades and loses its lustre.

Once the leather product is finished and ready for the market, it needs to be preserved in humidity controlled storage so that it does not regain moisture. Ideally, the relative humidity should be below 40% to preserve leather in proper condition. This is where a dehumidifier comes in handy in leather industry, especially in a humid country like India.



Maintaining an optimal level of moisture during manufacturing and storage of medicines is absolutely critical to ensure 
effectiveness of the medicines. Uncontrolled humidity can damage the medicines manufactured and may even lead them to cause certain adverse effects in people when consumed.

Various chemical powders, granules are used in making of medicines, which get affected by excessive moisture in different ways. Some of these materials tend to clump together, some tend to show difference in volume, weight or other physical properties, while some run the risk of growth of bacteria or other harmful micro-organisms. All these reduce the quality of medicines and their shelf-life in the market. Use of White Westinghouse dehumidifiers at pharmaceutical units helps ensure the ideal level of humidity during the process of both manufacturing and packaging of medicines to eliminate the issues discussed above.



Indian tea is globally recognized for its distinct flavour and aroma. While the tea industry is one of the key industries in India,bringing in a lot of foreign money for the exchequer, it has to battle the menace of moisture continually. Tea leaves tend to soak in moisture all through the stages of processing, from blending, storage to packaging.The level of moisture is brought down drastically in tea leaves to retain its original flavour and aroma through a process known as withering, followed by drying. The problem faced by many tea manufacturers is that the dried tea often picks up moisture prior to packaging, leading to loss of its quality. Use of dehumidifiers eliminates this situation as they help maintain the desired relative humidity of around 35% continuously, irrespective of the ambient temperature.



Hospitality industry thrives on customer satisfaction. The more you can delight your customers the more your business grows.Hotels, restaurants, guest houses in most parts of India often complain of humidity related issues like stuffy atmosphere and bad odour in rooms, sweating walls etc.Use of dehumidifiers is a necessity in such situations to reduce the level of humidity so that guests and customers can breathe easy and feel comfortable, leading to customer satisfaction and growth for your hospitality business.



While moisture is good at protecting IT equipments from static electrical charge, excess of it can actually damage them. It iessential to maintain a desired level of moisture in computer rooms and most importantly, server rooms.Various IT devices and servers are big investments for an organization. If they are not preserved in controlled conditions, they get damaged and also their performance gets reduced, resulting in loss in revenue for the firm. Use of dehumidifiers in these rooms is essential to fight against excessive humidity and the IT equipments’ optimal performance in the long run.



Various tests are carried out in laboratories to ascertain quality of different types of products and raw materials. Biological 
tests are carried out in pathological laboratories. All these tests are required to be performed under controlled conditions with specific temperature and humidity levels.The equipments used in these laboratories are quite expensive and they need to be preserved in ambient humidity condition. For instance, medical imaging equipments like CT Scan, MRI machines are best preserved in low humidity, else condensation in imaging areas can damage the equipments. Likewise, excess moisture triggers photo-catalytics reaction on X-ray films leading to poor image quality and inaccurate diagnosis.Failure to maintain specific level of moisture in the laboratory can lead to inaccurate and invalid test results. Use of White Westinghouse dehumidifiers is imperative to avoid this kind of situations.



Unhealthy atmosphere at hospitals and nursing homes is an absolute no-no as it puts the patients’ health in jeopardy and 
tarnishes the medical organizations’ reputation. Besides, the operation theatres host costly medical equipments which can easily get damaged and their performance can downgrade. In both the cases, humidity is often the culprit. For instance, lasik equipments used in eye hospitals consist of high power lenses which can easily get damaged if level of relative humidity (RH) exceeds 65%.White Westinghouse dehumidifiers do not just get rid of the excess moisture but also helps maintain the ideal level of humidity in the operation theatre, ensuring optimal performance of surgical equipments and medical staffs, and most importantly patients’ safety.



In large commercial buildings or hotels, basements often lack in proper ventilation giving rise to dampness. This happens due
 to presence of too much of moisture. This humidity makes air in the basement heavier than normal air, hindering the process of natural air circulation. This results in uncomfortable stuffiness in the basement.A White Westinghouse dehumidifier for basement is an effective solution for such an issue. It helps you maintain an ideal level of relative humidity (RH) and eliminate stuffiness and musty odour in the basement.Use of dehumidifiers for commercial and industrial use is on the rise. In many industries dehumidifiers are absolutely indispensable, while in many others, their use is recommended for more productivity and profitability. In countries like India where the weather is predominantly humid, the decision of using dehumidifiers is a prudent one. The benefit of using a dehumidifier for office, factory, warehouse etc in the long run clearly out-weighs the initial cost of installation. As an owner or a decision maker at an organization, you ought to consider the use of dehumidifiers for commercial or industrial use in case you happen to be in an industry where humidity plays a pivotal role, like optical, printing & publishing, warehousing, food industry and the like, and if you focus on sustainable growth for your business.If you are concerned about excess humidity at your factory, office or warehouse and have questions in mind, feel free to avail a no-obligation free consultation with our dehumidifier experts.

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