Dirt can prove to be a nuisance anywhere in the house, but one place that poses some of the biggest problems is hidden from the eyes: inside the air conditioner. Dirt build-up on the air conditioner can lead to various issues and cause performance and efficiency problems, that’s why it is important to take good care of the air conditioner and maintain it properly. When the air conditioner runs into trouble, it can be really bothersome and hectic. What’s even more frustrating is to find out that the reason is easily preventable just with the proper maintenance. While the air conditioners are working, they draw in air that has dust, dirt, and other debris. It is important for the consumer to know how dirt affects the air conditioner from the best home appliances distributor and take necessary steps to avoid further problems.

Effects of Dirt on Air Conditioner

No matter how much you dust, sweep, and vacuum, the dirt will always find its way to come again into the house. It is estimated that on average your home will collect around 40 pounds of dust each year. The dust and dirt become trapped in the house as the air circulates and can even affect the air conditioner. The best home appliances provider in Kolkata will let you know about the negative impact of dirt on different parts of the air conditioner and how one can maintain it without any worries.

Debris in Indoor Air Unit

The indoor components of the air conditioner are consist of the coil with refrigerant running through it and an indoor blower fan that vacuums the warm air from the house, over the cooling coil, and the rest area of the home. In this process, the air conditioner also takes some dust and dirt along with the warm air. If in such a case, debris gets collected in the indoor air handler, it can cause some serious problems. If you are facing such a problem, you can get in touch with a professional or the top home appliances distributor in Kolkata for better guidance.

A Clogged Filter

The best online home appliances provider suggests changing the air filter once a month as it is important for the health to have a clean filter to purify and supply the air. A dirty filter in the air conditioner can prevent air from moving over the indoor coil which further means that the unit will not work properly. A clogged filter also blocks air from moving throughout the unit, so make sure to clean and replace your filter from time to time.

Dirt on the Outside Coil

The outside coil of the air conditioner is where the heat is released from the refrigerant into the air around the unit. In that way, the air conditioner works to cool the house. If there is dirt on the outside coil of the air conditioner, it will interfere with the entire process of cooling and the air conditioner will not work effectively. The top home appliances distributor suggests annual maintenance of the air conditioner. Regular maintenance usually includes cleaning the outside coils, removing debris from the indoor components, and much more.

It is no doubt that you do your best to keep your home free from dust and dirt out of your home. A clean home is considered to be a happy home after all. That’s why it is important to know how dirt affects the air conditioner from the best home appliance distributor and take necessary actions at the earliest.