Steam ovens have become increasingly popular over these years, acquiring the attention of keen cooks who want to create healthy, everyday meals. We are the best kitchen appliances provider in Kolkata for steam ovens and here is everything to know about steam ovens from the best appliances provider. In a head-to-head against a traditional oven, a steam oven is more likely to cook your favorite meal far quicker. As they only have a single function, you should also expect to pay less than you would for a full combination model. Let’s know more about the steam ovens and it’s working. We will also provide the full range of steam ovens with renowned and remarkable international brands.

How Steam Oven Works

The huge majority of steam ovens have an inbuilt water canister. The water canister component will need to be filled with water before you start cooking. Depending on the model, the process is either done manually or automatically through the plumbing system. Once the water canister is full, you're all set to start cooking. As the temperature in the oven rises, the water heats up and creates steam. Steam creates moisture inside the oven, which means you don't necessarily have to use oil to cook the food. Although the best kitchen appliance provider in Kolkata offers the steam oven which great at ensuring the food doesn't dry up while it's cooking, steam ovens do require more maintenance compared with the regular oven.
Types of steam oven

There are mainly three types of steam ovens, with each variation offering up its own advantages with the best kitchen appliances provider in Kolkata.

 Steam-only oven

 Also known as a pure steam oven, the name shows it all – these ovens will steam the food without any fuss, but somehow differs from the features that a convection oven would offer. Steam-only ovens are generally the most budget-friendly option if one is set on buying this type for your kitchen from the best kitchen appliances provider in Kolkata.  An oven is a good option if you usually cook lots of fish and vegetables.

Combination steam oven

 Commonly known as combi-steam oven, it invests in a combination steam oven and one has plenty of options when it comes to dinner time. These are essentially regular ovens that let you add some steam at any time – you can pick between steam only and convection only settings manually. The popular combination of steam ovens offered by the best kitchen appliances provider in Kolkata will allow you to tweak the amount of steam used. Consider buying a combination steam oven when it comes to preparing food effectively and quickly.

 Added moisture steam oven

 Also known as added humidity steam oven, it is a standard oven that comes with an added moisture function. It may also be referred to by the manufacturer as 'steam assist' with the best kitchen appliance provider in Kolkata.
A good diet is all about more than just nutritious ingredients – you need to think about how the food is prepared as well. One can get the steam oven with the best kitchen appliances provider in Kolkata for the steam oven that offer healthier cooking than baking or frying, and one will be preserving natural textures and flavors.