Microwave ovens are becoming quite popular in every household and people prefer them for their easy and convenient use. Now, it is hard to find a home without a microwave oven. Cleaning the kitchen appliances is one of the most essential tasks, but still, it is tedious. People often ignore the maintenance and cleaning process of the kitchen appliances which makes it hard to work efficiently. Similarly, the microwave also needs some maintenance and cleaning. To ensure that, it is important for the people to know about the effective microwave oven cleaning tips from the top appliances distributor. It is important for the microwave oven to be clean as the food is directly processed in it. To avoid the foul smell and inefficient working of the unit, keeping the microwave clean is the best choice.

Easy Tips to Clean Microwave Oven

Cleaning the microwave oven is one of the tedious tasks that nobody wants to do, but still, it is important. One should clean the microwave oven on a regular basis to maintain the unit and ensure that the food tastes good. Whether you are using a countertop or a built-in microwave oven, it is crucial to keep the unit clean with the best kitchen appliances provider in Kolkata.

Cleaning the Insides

The insides of the microwave oven are the most important part of the unit and hence it becomes more crucial to keep it clean. According to the top kitchen appliances supplier, it is quite easy to clean the insides of the microwave oven with a simple trick. Take 1 cup of water and lemon in a microwave-friendly bowl and mix. You can also mix water with vinegar. Put the solution in the microwave oven and turn it on until it is boiling and the microwave window steams up. Let it cool for some time before opening the door. Take the bowl out and wipe the oven with a sponge.

Cleaning Greasy Doors

Sometimes, the doors of the microwave oven become greasy while heating and preparing different dishes in it. These greasy doors can result in the foul smell of the microwave oven and make it unhygienic. While cleaning the microwave oven, don’t forget to clean the greasy exteriors too. Clean the entire door which includes its edges and both sides with a sponge damped with the solution of water and baking soda. If you want to make your oven more effective, you should know about the tips for efficiently working of microwave oven from the top appliances provider.

Cleaning Stuck Food

According to the best kitchen appliances distributor in Kolkata, while heating the food in the microwave oven, it somehow gets stuck in the turntable. But don’t worry, it also can be easily cleaned. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the hardened food. Let the mixture sit for about 5-6 minutes. Wipe up the mixture with a wet sponge and remove any residue with a paper towel.

Getting Rid of Burnt Smell

The major part of the microwave cleaning process is to get rid of the burnt smell. It can happen because of flare-ups or flaming. If possible, avoid the heavy build-up of grease in the oven. As per the best kitchen appliances supplier, it can be done with the regular cleaning of the microwave oven. To get rid of the burnt smell, place two cups of water in a microwave-friendly container and put lemon and teabags in them. Heat on the high until the water comes to a boil and then let it stand for around 30 minutes without opening the door. After that, dry the microwave oven with the help of a sponge.

The perfect key to keeping a microwave clean is its regular maintenance, at least every few days. Unlike any other kitchen appliances, one can clean the unit with the tips to clean the microwave oven with the best kitchen appliances distributor.