Of all the numerous home appliances, washing machines are unarguably one of the most convenient nowadays. The appliance is often tucked away from sight in the laundry area but it is undeniable that the appliance offers greater utility. It is important to have detailed knowledge about washing machines before having one. Buying the wrong one can really impact your day-to-day life significantly. So, when it comes to purchasing the washing machine, one needs to have a comparison between front load and top load washing machines. While top loaders have always been the best and most traditional choice, over time modern front loaders are now gaining popularity all over the world.

Differences between Front Load and Top Load Washing Machine

There has always been a long debate on the difference between front load and top load washing machines. Both of the models have their own benefits and drawbacks, so you can choose the best-suited model for your home at your own preference. There are several factors to consider while choosing the washing machine for your home from the best home appliances supplier in Kolkata. The factors include space, home layout, and laundry habits. Basically, washing machines are of two kinds based on the structure: one is front loading and the other is top loading. The major difference is the way the laundry is placed in them. Before buying a washing machine, you must know the way they function, their advantages, and their features.

Structure and Working

In the front-loading washing machine, the basket is placed in the horizontal direction without the use of an agitator. The paddles are attached to the side of the basket which helps to move the clothes and stir the water while the basket rotates. The paddles in the basket help to remove dust and dirt from the clothes by creating friction.

The top-loading washing machine consists of a basket placed in a vertical position. At the centre of the basket, there is one agitator which is placed on the vertical axis. The agitator is responsible for the swirling of clothes in the alternate circular direction. The agitator has ridges attached to it which are responsible for pushing clothes to swirl along with the agitator. The alternate movement creates friction which removes dirt from the clothes. The absence of an agitator in front-loading helps in the gentle washing and drying of clothes.

Basket Capacity

According to the top tips for shopping home appliances, the consumer can wash more clothes in the front loading washing machine than top-loading as there is no agitator in the centre. It means that you can wash more clothes in one round than top-loading. It also saves time if you tend to perform several rounds of washing.


Although you can get both the models at remarkable prices from the top washing machine supplier in Kolkata, the front load washing machine is more expensive than the top load washing machine. It is due to the fact that the front loader is more energy-efficient and saves a considerable amount of money on electricity bills.

Electricity Usage

Because of the absence of a centre agitator in the front-loading washing machine, one can easily wash more clothes in one cycle. It actually increases approximately 20%-30% of space for clothes. With a feature like this, it helps to save your electricity bills by reducing the number of rounds than a top load washing machine. If you want to have a washing machine, you can get in touch with the top home appliance supplier without any worries. Also, the front load washing machine takes less time to dry the clothes.

Once it’s time to buy the new washing machine, how do you know which type to choose? One can choose either a front load washing machine or a top load washing machine. But before making any type of purchase, it is important to do a comparison between the front load and top load washing machine.