Frigidaire: Meet the America-born global home & kitchen appliance brand and its pioneering innovations

We at Kridovia Appliances LLP are absolutely thrilled to announce that you can now shop online for a range of home and kitchen appliances from the America-born Global Brand Frigidaire. These small appliances are imported from USA and are available for sale in India at affordable price. Frigidaire, though comparatively a new brand in India, carries along a rich legacy with its name in the domain of home and kitchen appliances. Let’s take a look at the brief history behind the brand and find out why it is so much loved not just in America, but also by consumers across the globe.

The brand Frigidaire came into existence in the year 1918 when General Motors purchased the Guardian Frigerator Company, which was formed to manufacture refrigerators designed by Alfred Mellowes. Here it’s noteworthy that the first electric refrigerator went up for sale in 1913 and Alfred Mellowes modified and designed its new version in 1915. Post purchase, General Motors improved the then production facilities and opened up new sales offices to facilitate mass production and sale of refrigerators. Subsequently in 1979, the White Consolidated Industries purchased Frigidaire.

Frigidaire has been a pioneer in the field of home appliances in many ways. Listed below are just a few of the important innovations and achievements that the company is associated with:

  • 1918 – Electric Self-contained Refrigerator

  • 1924 – Manufacture of ice cream cabinets

  • 1926 – All-steel refrigerator cabinet

  • 1929 – First chest type home food freezer

  • 1929 – First self-contained room air conditioner

  • 1938 – First window type air conditioner (air-cooled)

  • 1948 – First refrigerator with separate freezer

  • 1999 – Company’s freezer factory manufactures 70% of all freezers made in the United States

  • 2006 – First frost-free chest freezer

  • 2016 – Celebrates 98 years as an international appliance manufacturer

Frigidaire is slowly but confidently making inroads into the home and kitchen appliances market in India. The brand clearly distinguishes itself from its counterparts with its advanced technology, focus on consumer-centric innovations, emphasis on quality and a customer-first approach in service. The brand is currently present in major continents like Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East besides North & South America and Canada. In 2018, Frigidaire is going to complete its 100th anniversary, which is a great achievement in itself!

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